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Youth Fitness Training vs Long Term Athletic Development – Part 3

Youth Fitness Specialists

1) How do I explain that my IYCA credentials make me more qualified than other Trainers?


As the market for youth fitness and sports training continues to increase, parents and coaches will continue seeking the services of professionals in our industry.


IYCA Professionals must differentiate themselves for other local competitors for one reason:


You are, by far and away, the best qualified professional in the industry to be working with young people.


Common points I’ve used when explaining my credentials to parents and coaches, are:


(i) It’s like a post-secondary or advanced medical degree – every Trainer has basic qualifications, but my IYCA credentials are a specialty in the specific field of youth fitness or youth sports training



The Growth & Pride of the IYCA



"I would suggest that one of the greatest decisions that I have made in my life was to take the IYCA Youth Fitness Certification course that you offer"


– Bob Acton


Become a IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 today and join the movement!



Training Young Athletes – Four Years Later




Training Young Athletes With the IYCA


"What kind of person Brian was helped me become the person I am
today"…. I have a combination of tears and chills.


Why wouldn’t you want to join an organization that is worth so much
more than just credentials?


Click below to see the difference we can help you make when training young athletes





IYCA: Being Part of Something Bigger and Better




IYCA and Youth Fitness Pros

"Our staff saw first-hand the commitment and passion that draws many to the IYCA. The Founder volunteered his time and drove 5 hours to help us out. He gave our team pointers on how to become better coaches and grow our training business! We are still in awe of how well this past weekend went! Thanks again Brian for the man you are and the organization you assembled!! What the IYCA has done for my career is something I just can’t express in words"


– Aaron Larmore





Become Part of our International IYCA Family Now…. And Experience the Difference –




Kids Fitness Certification: Weekend Food for Thought




"It felt more like a family gathering than a conference"


Carlos Alvarez, one of the tremendous speakers from my Summit
two weekends ago in Louisville, wrote that on his blog just three
days after the Summit concluded.


And he’s right.


Nick, Pat, Sara and myself go out of our way to create a ‘family-
oriented’ feel about the IYCA.


It’s not self-serving.


We don’t do it because we think it’s going to get us more ‘sales’.


We do it because we think it’s necessary.


Fitness Professionals are a fragmented group.


Most fitness certification organizations offer credentials and little


They disseminate information and give you letters to put after
your last name, but don’t ever go much above or beyond that to
impact your life or improve your career.


The IYCA is going to change the world partly with our Kids Fitness Certification.


But we can’t do it without you.


You’re part of the family.



Youth Fitness Certification With The IYCA Family




Youth Fitness Certification


It’s impossible for me to go back to business as usual today.


So I’m not even going to bother trying.


The IYCA Summit has left Nick, Pat, Sara and myself in a dream-like state

that has proven tough to shake.


So much energy.


So much passion.


So much drive.


The experience has reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend

and colleague of mine back in 2003 when I first incorporated the IYCA.


“Look at what all the other youth fitness certification are doing, Brian, and do the exact



I’ll never forget that and strive every day to make sure of it.


My Life is Changing and So Can Yours Get A Youth Fitness Certification




Youth Fitness Certification From The IYCA

Big changes are happening in my personal life.


But they’re changes I’m making for a ‘business’ reason.


I’m moving to Kentucky.


Heading south just in time to avoid what promises to be
yet another nasty mid-western winter here in the U.S.


And I admit that the move is bitter-sweet for me.


I have great friends in this area.


I know the neighborhood well and enjoy the people I
encounter daily.


But for the greater good of the IYCA, I decided to take
this rather large step.


You see, my two business partners (Pat Rigsby and Nick
Berry) live near Louisville and for months now, we’ve
been talking about the idea of me heading south in order
to be closer to them.


So as much as I hate to uproot my life and leave my
friends, this decision really has been a no-brain idea.


Pat, Nick and I work very well together. 


Every time we’ve spent a few days together, the amount
of quality work that gets done is absolutely astounding
to me.


Three guys with similar work ethics, dedicating themselves
to a common goal.


It’s been a very powerful experience.


Here’s the reality.


The IYCA is growing at such a fast rate, the three
of us need to spend some extended time together.


And IYCA Members are going to be the benefactors of
this personal change I’m making in my life.


We’re working on some big things.


Some things that are guaranteed to change the face of
our industry forever.


The details are still far too cloudy to explain right
now, but rest assured, IYCA Members are a few short
months away from gaining opportunities that most fitness
professionals only ever dream of.


And me working everyday with Pat and Nick is what is
needed to take this concept we have and turn it into
a reality.


My heart is heavy for sure…


… But I couldn’t be more excited at the same time.


If you’re not part of the IYCA yet, than this is without
question something you have to consider right now.
Pat, Nick and myself are about to open up one of the
greatest opportunities you are ever going to see in this
industry’s history.


And this opportunity will only be available Ito IYCA Members.


Having said that, our Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist
certification is at the lowest price you’re ever going
to see it for.


On Tuesday September 2, we are raising the price
indefinitely and forever.


$197 gets you the best youth fitness certification educational experience you
could possibly have in this industry and opens the
door for you to take advantage of the opportunity
we are going to be unveiling in just a few months.


Kind of like the ‘Perfect Storm’ for you.


Here’s your link –




Time to take action, my friend get your youth fitness certification



‘Till next time,




Youth Fitness – Q & A




Youth Fitness Certification

The response I received from yesterday’s Youth Fitness Specialist
certification release was absolutely overwhelming.


And it’s really not just a matter of ‘how many’ people got on
board with the IYCA, it’s ‘how excited’ they were to become part
of my international mission.


Fitness and Sport Training professionals from North America,
Europe, Australia, Africa and the Far East all clamored to become
part of my ‘First 500 youth fitness specialists‘.


I even did a radio show interview yesterday afternoon in which
the host said to me off-air "I can really tell that the IYCA is
‘what’s happening’ right now in the fitness industry".


How right he was!!


Having said all that, I received a number of great questions
yesterday from professionals worldwide.


Folks seem to want a bit more information about the IYCA, our
mission and the whole concept of training adults versus kids.


I decided to answer the four most common questions I received in
an email to you so that you could have the answers for yourself.


Here they are…



Q – If I have no background in training kids, will the IYCA
be a good place to start?



A – 100% YES! We have taken a lot of time and placed a lot of
care in creating our educational system so that it works for both
brand new Trainers as well as seasoned veterans.


The ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification is the
first step in a 4-step process of advanced and progressive


The Level 1 course material is taught by myself and Dr. Kwame
Brown and covers the following topics:


:: Motor Skill Development (birth through adolescents)

:: Program Design for clients and athletes 6 – 18 years

:: Group Training – programming, coaching and implementation

:: Coaching Science – how to communicate and teach any child

:: Practical Application – what exercises are best per age group


Although advanced in theory and practice, the material is taught
in an extraordinarily fun, upbeat and stimulating manner so as to
appeal to all degrees of Fitness Professionals.


Here’s what Fitness Pro Donovan Owens has to say about our
course material –


"The content contained in the IYCA course materials provides the
most technical, practical and applicable education that I have
EVER experienced with any other program"


I think that says it all!


Check out my ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification
now by clicking on the link below –


Youth Fitness Specialist Information – Click Here



Q – I am already certified through another organization, why
would I want to become certified through the IYCA?



A – Great question!


Here’s the reality…


… No other certification in existence today prepares you to
work with young athletes and youth fitness participants the way
we do.


We do not offer education or certifications in ‘elite athlete
training’, ‘older adult fitness’ or ‘nutrition and weight


YOUTH is all we do… it’s what we know and where our passion is.


Would you go to a Chiropractor if you needed heart surgery?


Would you go to the Dentist for an annual physical?


If you want the best, want to be the best and want be prepared
for the largest market surge this industry has ever seen, you
simply MUST be educated and credentialed by the organization that
has already been recognized as the ‘Gold Standard’ for youths.


Check out what former Men’s Health Fitness Editor Scott Quill
has to say about the IYCA and our ‘Gold Standard’ reputation –


"The IYCA’s advice is smart and practical and their programs
are developed with a real passion for helping coaches and kids
succeed. The IYCA is changing the way we train our youth"


Check out my ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification
now by clicking on the link below –


Click Here Now



Q – Why would I want to train kids instead of adults?



A – Easy… Because that’s where the market is going.


Recognizing market trends is an essential part of building and
growing a strong and prosperous career.


If you jump on board a moving train too late, bad things happen!


The youth demographic has surged into one of the largest and
most opportunity-rich niches in the entire Fitness and Sport
Training industry.


It has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the
fastest growing markets in the world and received attention from
mainstream media as well.


That’s why I’ve appeared in notable publications like Newsweek
and the New York Times and why the IYCA is being endorsed by
large media outlets including ESPN.


Have a look at what ESPN writer Tom Farrey has to say on the
matter –


"Brian Grasso is a voice of reason and a beacon of hope for
anyone who wants kids to develop fitness patterns for life, and
for athletes to achieve their full potential"


The youth market is by far and away the industry’s ‘next big
thing’ and by not learning how to work with kids properly, you
are cutting yourself out of a market that grosses into the
BILLIONS of revenue each year.


Check out my ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification
now by clicking on the link below –


‘First 500’ – Become a Youth Fitness Specialist



Q – I would love to work with kids, but keep hearing about how
regimented training is bad for children. Is this true?



A – This is one of the silliest ‘myths’ on the planet today.


Is the regimented aspect of school bad for kids?


You could argue that kids should be left on their own and
experience education through an informal way that best suits
their needs.


And you’d be wrong if you argued that!


Working with kids in a fitness setting is positively essential.


The days when kids used to just go out and play on their own
are all but gone.


And the widespread incidence of youth obesity is proof of that.


Fitness for kids is not just ‘fitness’…




It involves teaching aspects of movement, force production and
absorption, social interaction and cooperation.


It is a science unto itself and must be infused into the lives
of young children if they have any hope of succeeding in sports
or growing up into healthy and functionally fit adults.

The IYCA motto on this issue is simple –




M = Movement must dominate

O = Open yourself up to communication variances

L = Learning styles change per child

D = Develop… Don’t train


These four key steps are at the core of what we teach you in our
‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification.


Here’s what Kelli Calebrese, international fitness authority and
Editor-in-Chief of Personal Fitness Professional magazine, says –


"I know so many Trainers who want to work with kids but don’t
really know how. Brian and the IYCA have a formula that works
and takes away all the guesswork for those professionals who
aspire to change the health and improve the performance of
today’s youth"




Those are the most common questions I received yesterday.


I hope I’ve clarified some things for you.


If you want to check out what the IYCA offers and jump on board
with our international mission, just click on the link below –


Join the Revolution – Click Here Now



‘Till next time,



The Youth Fitness Certification Revolution Has Started…




Youth fitness certification Breakthrough.


This is your chance to revive your career.


Re-focus your life’s mission.


Gain full access to the largest market surge this industry has
seen in decades.


Become part of an international mission and worthwhile cause.


I am officially offering you my brand new ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness certification
Specialist’ today.


And giving you the distinct opportunity of becoming part of
something very special.


That statement is truly at the core of my thoughts today.


"Being part of something special"


As Trainers and Coaches, we are used to the basic realities of
life in our industry.


College Degree




Long Hours


Unstable Financial Future


Day Off or Vacation = No Income


And while we all gain degrees of satisfaction when helping
clients succeed, we tend to be a little empty inside.


How do we take our careers to the next level?


How do we positively impact the lives of more people without
having to work even more hours?


How do we really become the ‘go to’ expert we’ve always wanted
to be?


Countless resources have shown two things about the world of
fitness and sport training:


1. It is consistently considered one of the most expanding
industry’s on the planet


2. It has one of the highest attrition rates in any industry


Don’t those seem like contradictory terms?


They are.


But that’s because most people don’t understand how to read
between the lines.


Yes… This is a $100 billion a year market in the United
States alone.


So opportunity really is everywhere.


But how do you go about creating a career in such a vast
marketplace when trading your time for an hourly rate is about
all you are positioned to do?


You charge $60 an hour.


And if you’re lucky, you have a daily client load that looks
something like this:

5:00 – 6:00am = Client 1

6:00 – 7:00am = Client 2

7:00 – 8:00am = Client 3

12:00 – 1:00pm = Client 4

3:00 – 4:00pm = Client 5

5:00 – 6:00pm = Client 6

6:00 – 7:00pm = Client 7


7 clients a day at $60 per session isn’t bad, right?


That’s roughly $100,000 a year.


Now here’s the thing…


… Do you really make $100,000 a year?


I don’t know many Trainers who do.


And even if you do, that’s based on:


:: A 14 hour day

:: No days off

:: No vacations


How do you live a healthy and full life outside of your work


When do you have time to learn more?


When do you have time to create a business plan that allows you
to gain leverage and take control of your schedule?


When do you have time to create a marketing platform on which to
become that ‘go to’ expert you know you can be?


The reality is you can’t.


Now, I say all that to illustrate a point.


Smart professionals in every field know how to look objectively
at the industry within which they work and consider the future.


Where the market is going.


And when you take the time to assess that information, you can
take advantage of a market shift at the beginning of its change.


Those smart and fortunate few become ‘The First’.


And with anything else in life, being ‘The First’ comes with a
staggering list of benefits and opportunities.


This is YOUR opportunity.


It is no secret and I have made no bones about the fact that the
Youth Fitness and Youth Sports Training niches are THE next big
thing in this industry.


:: More than $4 billion are spent annually in the U.S. alone

:: ‘Opportunity-oriented industry’ according to Entrepreneur

:: Over 1 million youths hired a Trainer last year alone


Through the IYCA, I have opened the door to this market surge
for you.


A new ‘Gold Standard’ of credentials that is already branded.


Free 1-month access to a wealth of business information
guaranteed to enhance the success of your career.


An international network and family of professionals working
towards a common goal.


An organization who has high profile partners and endorsers the
world over.


This is your opportunity to become ‘part’ of something special.


But you need to be one of the ‘First 500’ to do it.


Somewhere around 1 million fitness professionals worldwide will
be exposed to this opportunity this month.


But only 500 will be allowed access.


At 501, I close the doors.


Below is the link I want you to click on.


And even if you don’t want to read the website, do me one favor.


Watch the short videos and listen to the audio I’ve placed there
just for you.


These are real fitness professionals just like you.


They also worked long hours and lived the very difficult life of
a fitness professional.


Watch and listen to what they say on our youth fitness certification.


Hear the passion in their voices.


Understand what becoming part of my mission has done for their
careers and their lives.


And then decide if you want to be part of my exclusive
‘First 500’.


Here’s that link –


Become Part of the Revolution – Click Here Now


One more thing…


Read this quote from Donovan Owens, a recent new member of the


* * * * * * *

"The content contained within the IYCA certification materials
provides the most technical, practical and applicable
education that I have EVER experienced. The IYCA is REAL PEOPLE
taking EXTRAORDINARY actions to change the face of youth fitness certification
and sport training around the world. I couldn’t be more
honored to be involved in spreading that vision"

* * * * * * *


Here’s your link one more time –


Click Here Immediately and Become Part of the ‘youth fitness certification’



It’s time to take action.



Youth Fitness Certification Is Almost Here




It’s D-Day for you, my friend…


One of those ‘no turning back now’ moments we all face from time
to time.


I’m ready to come clean.


And here it is…


Youth Fitness Certification From IYCA

My life has changed like you wouldn’t believe over the past 4


Changes that I really never expected.


To say that I am sorry they came would be a lie, though.


Where my life is now is just so much better and more focused
than it ever has been before.


And if you’ve met me at some point in the past, you know how
big a statement that is.


I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy.


Ever since that day my Dad told me what has now become a
famous quote in our industry:


Some view things as they are and say, why?


I dream of things that have never been and say, why not?


I have been a dedicated and ‘never-say-die’ kind of man since


And it’s extended into my professional life.


Why can’t I lead an industry into a new realm of greatness through our Youth Fitness Certification?


Why can’t I be the guy who tells people to stop bickering about
which methodology works best and instead focus on communicating
and developing relationships with their young clients?


Why can’t I create a revolution that inspires every fitness
professional on the planet to take action.


The fact is… I can (thanks Dad!).


And what started 4 months ago is coming to a climax for you right now.


I’ll be brief in the summary:


I’ve turned the IYCA into a cutting-edge organization that is
built on PROVIDING FOR people… Not ASKING FROM them.


Paying for educational materials is fine.


Keeping current with CEU’s is great.


But what have my membership fees gotten me?


What has ‘belonging’ to various certification company’s ever
done for my career?


Why are they all so faceless and sterile?


What started 4 months ago was a literal revolution in my brain.


One of those ‘flickering ideas’ that eventually starts taking


Build the IYCA into an organization that people are PROUD to be
part of because:


You providing a ‘personal touch’ is at the core of the mission


You don’t ‘over charge’ – you ‘over deliver’


You create actual opportunity, jobs and professional growth


You allow people to teach your concepts worldwide and get paid


You teach professionals how to run successful businesses


The kind of hands-on success mentoring that doesn’t exist now in
our industry.


The revolution has started and you’re about to become part of it.


Later this week, I will let you in on the little secret that the
entire fitness industry has been talking about…


YOUR chance to become certified through the IYCA Level 1 Youth Fitness
Specialist course.


And it will be a very exclusive offer for you.


Through my professional colleagues, over 750,000 fitness
professionals throughout the world find out about our
Level 1 course each month.


And they are all hungry to jump on board.


Not only is ‘youth fitness and sport training’ considered the
number one exploding niche in our industry, but the IYCA has
become the one organization that provides you with MUCH MORE
than just some letters after your last name.


Here’s the problem…


… And this is fair warning so you can’t be upset if you get
left behind.


750,000 will receive the invitation every month.


But we only allow 500 to "get in".


Quality Service


Quality Customer Care


Quality Control


Quality Attention


I’ve taken a personal inventory of the IYCA’s human resources
and determined that ‘500’ per month is our max number of members at this


At 501, our ability to serve you better than any other
organization on the planet starts to falter.


And I won’t have that.


So consider this your very fair and very reasonable warning.


Stay by your emails this week.


Sometime over the next few days, I will open the door for you.


The Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist certification will be
offered to you and your career will change forever.


If you’re somewhere between 1 – 500, that is.


Look for an email from me ( Brian Grasso) that says in the
subject line –


The Revolution Has Started


Open that email and be prepared to take action.


Want to see how big the IYCA is getting?


Read this testimonial…




* * * * * * *

"Brian Grasso is a voice of reason and beacon of hope for anyone
who wants kids to develop fitness patterns for life"

Tom Farrey, ESPN

* * * * * * *


ESPN, my friend.


Getting the picture yet?


When is the last time you heard a youth fitness certification company
being endorsed by a major sporting media entity?


And only one year after being profiled in Newsweek?


Be sure to check your email in-box this week…


YOUR Revolution is about to start…



‘Till next time,