Impact Virtual Summit

The IYCA Impact Virtual Summit

November 18th, 2023 | IYCA Impact Virtual Summit (NSCA Approved 0.4 CEU’s)
November 19th, 2023 | ½ Day Business Builder Virtual Workshop

Join us this November for a game-changing summit from the comfort of your own home! If you are a sports coach, performance professional, physical education teacher or business builder in the youth industry who wants a greater level of impact, then you need to be in this room.

On November 18th, we invite you to a full day (9am-3pm EST) with a world-class lineup of professionals who have come together to educate, engage and ACTIVATE the next level within you. Be prepared to learn, move and feel the momentum towards a greater impact. Approved for 0.4 NSCS CEU’s.

On November 19th, a special half-day invite (9am-12pm EST) to the aspiring and established entrepreneurs who are ready to unlock and unleash a greater level of potential within their business. Day 2 will be exclusive content and connection to bridge a community of like-minded folks together, while elevating and expanding what is possible.

Summit Prices

IYCA Virtual Summit Only: $67
IYCA Virtual Summit + ½ Day Business Builder Workshop: $97

Once again, the IYCA IMPACT Virtual Summit features an incredible lineup of SPEAKERS and game-changing topics.


Topic Category: Day 1-Long Term Athlete Development the Key Principles & Business Builder Workshop Speaker

Jim is the President of the IYCA, owner of Impact Sports Performance in Novi, MI, and author of Ultimate Speed & Agility and the Certified Speed & Agility Specialist certification. He is a former college S & C coach who runs a successful NFL Combine Prep program, has been hired as a consultant to major sports programs, and works with youth, high school, college, and professional athletes every day.


Topic Category: Injury Prevention/Return to Play

Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and subject matter expert on posture, assessment, and injury prevention strategies for improving athletic performance. Dr. Osar developed the Integrative Movement System™, an evidence-based approach to optimizing posture, movement, and performance while reducing risk of athletic injuries. His mission is to educate coaches on injury prevention strategies and empower them to be the solution their youth athletes need to perform at their best. Dr. Osar is an adjunct faculty member at Rocky Mountain University of Health Sciences and is in private practice in Houston, TX.


Topic Category: Making the biggest Impact- Starts Young

Dave is the former owner of one of the top youth training facilities in the world, and has worked with thousands of athletes ranging from the shy six year old to all-stars to the professional level. He’s also an acclaimed international presenter on youth fitness and widely regarded as the fitness industry’s ‘go to guy’ for coaching kids ages 6-13. Dave is the co-creator of the popular IYCA Youth Speed Development product. Dave’s book contributions include the IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1 text – Essentials of Youth Conditioning and Fitness (Second Edition) and How Much Does A Zebra Weigh by Kyle Brown. Dave has been advisor and content provider to Reebok International and consultant to trainers, coaches, physical educators, national and local youth sports organizations and public school systems K-12.


Topic Category: Assessments-Measuring the Change

Dr. Leshinske holds a bachelor’s in exercise science from North Park University and a master’s and doctorate in health sciences with a concentration in human performance from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. He began working in higher education in 2010, serving as an adjunct for North Park University and Lewis University and as a part-time instructor for Trinity Christian College. Dr. Leshinske has also been a strength and conditioning coach for over 15 years, serving in the private sector and working with athletes between nine years old to professional. He serves on the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) exam committee for Sports Science, the NSCA Rugby Special Interest Group as vice president, and the Council on Accreditation of Strength and Conditioning Education’s (CASCE) standards committee. Dr. Leshinske also serves on the advisory board for the International Youth Conditioning Association and Linked Fit. He speaks nationally on topics like sports science in the high school sector, the functional movement screen, and program design for sports.


Topic Category: Deceleration & Landing: Building The Brakes

Matthew Ibrahim is an experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach, leader, and educator with a demonstrated history and proven track record in this space since 2007. Currently, he serves as Clinical Coordinator and Instructor of Exercise Science within the School of Sport Science at Endicott College, in addition to a Volunteer Strength & Conditioning Coach within the Athletics & Recreation Department with their NCAA Division III student-athletes. Matthew also serves as Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science at Maryville University and founder of Athletic Performance University (APU). Academically, he is a Ph.D. Candidate in Human & Sport Performance and M.S. student in Sport Leadership. As a public speaker, Matthew has presented nationally in over 25 U.S. states, highlighted by his presentations at the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), Perform Better, EXOS inside Google Headquarters, Sports Academy (formerly Mamba Sports Academy), UFC Performance Institute, Parisi Speed School, Duke University, Stanford University, Equinox, and canfitpro, in addition to several international presentations throughout Europe. His work is featured in Exxentric, Future, HoopStudy, Men’s Journal, NSCA Personal Training Quarterly (PTQ), Science for Sport, Mike Boyle’s StrengthCoach.com, T-Nation, TrainHeroic, and TrueCoach. As an author, his first book through Human Kinetics on training for athletic performance will be published in late 2023. Follow along on Instagram for weekly S&C content!



Dave’s mission is simple: To magnify the good in fitness and the people it serves. That’s exactly what Dave has done for his entire career as an athlete, trainer, author, speaker, and TV personality. Dave has been an important part of the IYCA from the early years and continues to be a key contributor, giving our events energy in a way that no one else can. Being a kid at heart is essential to working with young athletes, and Dave knows exactly how to bring out that energy to help create exceptional experiences and how to activate the next level in anyone who he comes in contact with.

Julie Hatfield-Still
Julie Hatfield-Still

Event Coordinator & High Performance Business Coach | Business Builder Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

Julie is the IYCA Brand Executive & High Performance Business Coach. She is the founder of the Impact More Method which enables business owners to make a greater impact in the world by unlocking their own method/frameworks, creating compelling concepts and taking their ‘business game’ to the next level when it comes to monetization. Julie’s ability to be the catalyst for change in this industry is unmatched. If you want to make an impact greater than the four walls of your facility, even greater than your community…perhaps a national or global impact, she’s the coach to have in your corner.