Training Young Athletes – Four Years Later




Training Young Athletes With the IYCA


"What kind of person Brian was helped me become the person I am
today"…. I have a combination of tears and chills.


Why wouldn’t you want to join an organization that is worth so much
more than just credentials?


Click below to see the difference we can help you make when training young athletes





4 Responses

  1. billy Corbett says:

    Brother, that is SO what this is all about!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dale Speckman says:

    That is why I love to coach!

  3. Liz Donnelly says:

    Whew! So I can screw up training and still be remembered with fondness. 😉 (I know that’s not your message.)

    Great video & what a fantastic testimony to your bonding abilities. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robyne Arrow says:

    Kudo’s to you Brian for making a difference in the lives of SO MANY young men and women.

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