Youth Fitness Certification With The IYCA Family




Youth Fitness Certification


It’s impossible for me to go back to business as usual today.


So I’m not even going to bother trying.


The IYCA Summit has left Nick, Pat, Sara and myself in a dream-like state

that has proven tough to shake.


So much energy.


So much passion.


So much drive.


The experience has reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend

and colleague of mine back in 2003 when I first incorporated the IYCA.


“Look at what all the other youth fitness certification are doing, Brian, and do the exact



I’ll never forget that and strive every day to make sure of it.

It’s not that I have a problem with any other organization.


I respect them all very much.


But they offer information, disseminate science and that’s about it.


Good on them for doing so, but inspiring someone to create a life and

career that is fufilling and larger than they ever dreamed possible requires

much more than that.


It requires a genuine concern and care for people.


And that’s what the IYCA offers.


Sara, Nick, Pat and myself care more than you could possibly imagine.


We want you to succeed as much as anyone short of your own family

could want for you.


And our Members feel that.


Every conversation and email I had at the Summit and since I’ve been home

as been an overwhelming ‘thank you’ combined with a strong urge to keep

the personal, family-oriented feel about the IYCA no matter how big we get.


Consider this my public promise.


You will never lose access to me.


I will never throw up any ‘velvet rope’.


I’m a real man who cares deeply about your success.


Take the lessons and feelings you heard and felt at the Summit and drive

forward – change the world.


And if you aren’t yet part of us, perhaps now you’ll take me seriously when

I say that you should look closely at what we’re doing with Youth Fitness Certification….


… And give the IYCA a real chance.


Belonging to something bigger than you and making a huge difference in

the lives of people worldwide is possible.


Summit attendees know that firsthand.



– Brian



Become part of the fastest growing and most vital organization in world –



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  1. Spida Hunter says:

    Hey Brian, I’ve recieved emails from Jim, Nick and yourself of course with how cool the IYCA event was just recently!!

    Congrats brother on doing an awesome job!!

  2. Brian Grasso says:

    Thanks Spida! Man…. I miss you!


  3. Dean Wolfe says:

    We are looking for a strength and conditioning coach for our High School in Sterling Heights Michigan. Can you tell mew where I should begin the search?

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