Youth Fitness Training vs Long Term Athletic Development – Part 3

Youth Fitness Specialists

1) How do I explain that my IYCA credentials make me more qualified than other Trainers?


As the market for youth fitness and sports training continues to increase, parents and coaches will continue seeking the services of professionals in our industry.


IYCA Professionals must differentiate themselves for other local competitors for one reason:


You are, by far and away, the best qualified professional in the industry to be working with young people.


Common points I’ve used when explaining my credentials to parents and coaches, are:


(i) It’s like a post-secondary or advanced medical degree – every Trainer has basic qualifications, but my IYCA credentials are a specialty in the specific field of youth fitness or youth sports training


(ii) The IYCA is an international organization with Members and affiliations all over the world; including Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and the Millennium Institute of Sport in New Zealand.  They’ve been profiled in Newsweek and the New York Times and are regarded as the world leader in this field.  I am a certified professional through them because of how advanced the training and education is. 



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– Brian


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