Certified Athletic Development Specialists (CADS)

youth fitness

The most comprehensive certification course available to prepare you to succeed as an athletic development professional

  • A complete course on speed and agility
  • The Long Term Athletic Development Roadmap
  • A HUGE instructional library of strength and training exercises
  • A genius new programming template to enhance athleticism
  • PACKED with tons more!

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The IYCA Certified Speed & Agility Specialist


  • Discover the scientific basis of speed and agility critical for success in the developing athlete
  • Learn to teach athletes how to stop safely and effectively to prevent injury and accelerate rapidly for game-breaking performance
  • Sample Programs provide “from-the-trenches” examples for athletes from various sports and developmental levels
  • Detailed descriptions of how to set-up and perform some of the less commonly used drills and skills mentioned within the text
  • Explore the unique aspects of coaching athletes to become faster and more agile

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The IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist

iyca youth nutrition specialist

  • Should my young athlete take protein supplements?
  • Is creatine safe & effective?
  • How many grams of carbs, proteins & fats?
  • What is the best post-workout meal?
  • What should my young athletes be consuming during training?
  • Online examination process so you can complete your certification from the comfort of your own home

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Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist 2.0

Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist

Stop guessing to determine if your training is making your athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, and injury resistant. In this course, you will learn:

  • Youth Athletic Assessment Basics and the IYCA
  • Long-Term Athletic Development and Serial Athletic Assessment
  • General Athletic Assessment
  • Advanced Assessment Techniques
  • Sport-Specific Testing Batteries
  • Test Administration
  • Testing Tools and Tips
  • Basic Data Analysis
  • Practical Applications
  • Video Instruction

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The IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification

IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification

A Step-by-Step Plan that guides you to being the most effective High School Strength & Conditioning Coach possible:

  • 2 DVD Set showing Warm-Ups, Olympic Lifting Technique, Strength Training Technique and Mobility Drills plus a complete instructional video library to help you fill in programming templates
  • 2 in-depth textbooks written by the best Strength Coaches in the world.
  • Done-For-You Programs, including in-season and off-season programming for Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track & Field, Volleyball and Basketball
  • 100+ Photographs depicting exercise examples, technique demonstrations and the proper “how-to” format
  • Online examination process so you can complete your certification from the comfort of your own home

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IYCA Kinesiology Crash Courses

iyca crash courses

A fundamental study of the human body in motion, including pertinent terminology and basic biomechanical concepts and anatomy.Created by IYCA Research & Educational Director and University Professor, Dr. Toby Brooks:

  • Essentials of Athletic Movement
  • Upper Extremity Anatomy
  • Lower Extremity Anatomy
  • Core & Trunk Anatomy

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IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course

How do you teach and progress your young athletes through a developmentally-sound system that ensures they are reaping all the massive benefits Kettlebells have to offer – while staying true to the ultimate form of Long-Term Development?Kettlebell experts Pamlea MacElree and Jason C. Brown have joined forces with the IYCA to bring you the answer to the question.

  • 2 DVD Set
  • Kettlebell Training for Youth Manual
  • Easy Online Examination Process

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IYCA Olympic Lifts Instructor Course


In this 2 DVD Set and Course Manual, Olympic Lift expert Wil Fleming teaches:

  • When To Start With Olympic Lifts & Coordination Development
  • Complete Technical Instruction: “How To” From Start to Finish
  • Adjunct Mobility, Flexibility and Torso Exercise Demos
  • Lift Progressions, Regressions and Associated Exercise Needs
  • Necessary Skill Sets & Essential Coaching Tools

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IYCA Resistance Band Instructor Course


In this 4 DVD Set and Course Manual, “The Band Man” Dave Schmitz teaches:

  • The fundamentals of training with bands so you can dramatically accelerate your athletes results
  • Dozens of powerful band exercises so you can fine tune your athletes training approach and movement skills no matter if you’re training athletes 1 on 1 or entire teams
  • A complete toolbox full of beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that will empower you to design programs that will deliver maximum results in a minimum time for ALL of your athletes.

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Ultimate Speed Mechanics

Ultimate Speed Mechanics

The IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics product walks you through the surprisingly simple process of teaching your athletes to be quicker and faster on the field by focusing on his or her acceleration, sprint and agility mechanics.

  • Video Breakdowns of Arm Action, Lower Body Mechanics and proven Speed Drills
  • 4 Comprehensive Modules on the foundation of speed mechanics, acceleration mechanics, the role of maximum velocity and proven agility techniques.
  • 2 Bonus Modules!

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Ultimate Speed Drills

Ultimate Speed Drills

In this revolutionary product, acclaimed Coach Jim Keilbaso shows you the drills you need to improve, agility, quickness and multi-directional speed in every athlete. You’ll be taught how to re-program any athlete through drills that help your athletes master every athletic movement required for success in field and court sports, including:

  • Straight Ahead Speed Training Drills
  • Lateral Speed and Agility Training Drills
  • Group Training Speed Drills
  • Power Training Drills for Speed

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Ultimate Jump Training

Ultimate Jump Training with CJ Easter

The IYCA’s Ultimate Jump Training Program is a resource for coaches who want to improve their athletes’ movement skills, explosiveness, mobility & stability. It is designed to be used on the court or field, so you can integrate it into your practice as part of your strength and conditioning program if you don’t have the time or means to get to a weight room. Ultimate Jump Training includes:

  • 6 Weeks of Done-For-You Jump Programming
  • Complete Jump Training Exercise Video Library
  • Ultimate Jump Training How-To-Guide

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Insiders $19/mo

Insiders Program

Get monthly access to the BEST library of content you’ll ever see. With new content being added each month you’ll continue getting access to cutting edge products, trainings, videos, articles, interviews, and so much more! And it’s only $19 per month!

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Game Play Performance 2.0

IYCA's Game Play Performance by Dave Jack and David Gleason

Unfortunately, there have been few quality resources where coaches can find training games that:

  • Challenge and develop athletic skills
  • Are easy to set up and use limited equipment
  • Foster teamwork
  • Are safe and support the goals of the training program
  • Provide their athletes a high level challenge
  • Work in different training spaces

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Mental Toughness Course


Mental toughness is that elusive quality that separates the champions from the rest. It seems untrainable—the top athletes just “get it,” and the others don’t.

We’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

You CAN effectively develop mental toughness in all of your athletes with this simple system used by actual World Champions to help them perform their best when everyone else crumbles under the pressure. Renowned sport psychology expert Dr. Haley Perlus shares with you her principles, tips, techniques, and drills she has learned and developed over her years of working with National, World, and Olympic Champions. In the Mental Toughness Course, you will learn:

  • How to train your athletes to cope with pressure and anxiety so they can harness the power of their emotions for peak performance
  • 4 strategies to help athletes perform at peak levels no matter what is going on around them, including in the worst circumstances
  • Methods to instill confidence in your athletes so that they perform their best without the constant need for pep talks and “rah-rah” speeches
  • How the best athletes in the world stay hungry for their next competition, and how to get your athletes to be more aggressive so they can outperform the competition
  • Methods to help athletes overcome a disappointing performance and bounce back from a loss so they can get back on track
  • Why your athletes are competing, and how to harness that motivation to get them to perform

And MUCH more!
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Power Evolution

Power Evolution 350

In this new resource, acclaimed Strength Coaches Robert Dos Remidos and Wil Fleming show you step by step how to develop more powerful, explosive athletes.You’ll be taught how to re-program your athletes with the specific movements, techniques and proven training programs you need to develop maximum power.

In Power Evolution you’ll discover:

  • Why power training isn’t all a combination of Olympic lifts and plyos for low reps.
  • Coach Dos and Wil’s Top 65 Movements/Exercises demonstrated on video.
  • Dozens of variations with different tools to keep your programs fresh and have the right progression for every situation and every athlete.
  • Exactly why training for power MUST be included in an athlete’s program.
  • The 3 Classes of training for power (Heavy, Light, and Unloaded) how to use each type, what implement to use with each type, and why training with ALL 3 classes is vital to a program.
  • Innovative ways to use power training from Coach Dos, including complexes and intervals for some of the hardest training sessions imaginable.
  • Much, much more!

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Ultimate Performance Camp & Clinic Blueprint

Power Evolution 350

This done-for-you resource takes all the guesswork out of running a successful camp or clinic. The leading youth-training experts share the secrets they have learned—and the resources they have compiled—through trial and error over the years. Everything you need is here!

In the Ultimate Performance Camp & Clinic Blueprint, you’ll discover:

  • How running a camp or clinic can add thousands of dollars to your bank account
  • Ways to utilize camps & clinics to educate parents and athletes on the benefits of Long Term Athletic Development
  • Why camps & clinics are the perfect “feeder” system to introduce athletes to your programs and coaching
  • How running camps & clinics can help you build a culture and develop stronger relationships with your current athletes
  • How to become the local expert when it comes to athletic performance

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Long Term Athlete Development Roadmap

As coaches, if we hope to create great athletes who have a chance at being successful for the long haul, then your programs must be based of Long Term Athletic Development.

Just like a baby must learn to roll over before crawling, crawl before standing, stand before walking, and walk before running, your athletes need to build a foundation for elite level athletic performance before they can reach their maximum potential.

When athletes specialize early and skip critical steps in building this foundation, they are at extreme risk for injury and burnout.

The trouble is building that foundation early isn’t always sexy. And often coaches may not understand the exact steps to building the foundation.

However, that’s not your fault! When it comes down to it, you have to produce results, and you’ve been told that specialization is the way to do it. Or worse, coaches have forced you to do it their way or you risk losing the chance to work with the team or their athletes.

But the trends are shifting, and it’s time to get back on the LTAD path!

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Principles of Athletic Strength & Conditioning (PASC) Textbook

The PASC textbook brings together 17 of the top strength & conditioning professionals in the industry to create the most comprehensive resource available for training athletes 12-22 years old. This book addresses the most important aspects of sports performance and physical development in both scientific and practical terms.

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Speed Testing Mastery

Speed Testing Mastery will teach you exactly how to improve athletes 40- or 60-yard dash. Detailed video analysis and a complete program are included.

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