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My Life is Changing and So Can Yours Get A Youth Fitness Certification




Youth Fitness Certification From The IYCA

Big changes are happening in my personal life.


But they’re changes I’m making for a ‘business’ reason.


I’m moving to Kentucky.


Heading south just in time to avoid what promises to be
yet another nasty mid-western winter here in the U.S.


And I admit that the move is bitter-sweet for me.


I have great friends in this area.


I know the neighborhood well and enjoy the people I
encounter daily.


But for the greater good of the IYCA, I decided to take
this rather large step.


You see, my two business partners (Pat Rigsby and Nick
Berry) live near Louisville and for months now, we’ve
been talking about the idea of me heading south in order
to be closer to them.


So as much as I hate to uproot my life and leave my
friends, this decision really has been a no-brain idea.


Pat, Nick and I work very well together. 


Every time we’ve spent a few days together, the amount
of quality work that gets done is absolutely astounding
to me.


Three guys with similar work ethics, dedicating themselves
to a common goal.


It’s been a very powerful experience.


Here’s the reality.


The IYCA is growing at such a fast rate, the three
of us need to spend some extended time together.


And IYCA Members are going to be the benefactors of
this personal change I’m making in my life.


We’re working on some big things.


Some things that are guaranteed to change the face of
our industry forever.


The details are still far too cloudy to explain right
now, but rest assured, IYCA Members are a few short
months away from gaining opportunities that most fitness
professionals only ever dream of.


And me working everyday with Pat and Nick is what is
needed to take this concept we have and turn it into
a reality.


My heart is heavy for sure…


… But I couldn’t be more excited at the same time.


If you’re not part of the IYCA yet, than this is without
question something you have to consider right now.
Pat, Nick and myself are about to open up one of the
greatest opportunities you are ever going to see in this
industry’s history.


And this opportunity will only be available Ito IYCA Members.


Having said that, our Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist
certification is at the lowest price you’re ever going
to see it for.


On Tuesday September 2, we are raising the price
indefinitely and forever.


$197 gets you the best youth fitness certification educational experience you
could possibly have in this industry and opens the
door for you to take advantage of the opportunity
we are going to be unveiling in just a few months.


Kind of like the ‘Perfect Storm’ for you.


Here’s your link –




Time to take action, my friend get your youth fitness certification



‘Till next time,




Training Young Athletes Everyday: Why The IYCA Works




Training Young Athletes Coaching Insight

I’m an internet guru.


I’m a corporate type.


I’ve lost touch because my computer chair and my backside have become great friends these past few years.




Why don’t you have a look at this 60 second video and find out if that’s true…



Isn’t it time you became associated with a young, vibrant and energetic fitness organization that actually UNDERSTANDS what it’s like to be you?


The kind of organization that is on the cutting-edge of a market ready to explode.


The kind of organization who CREATES OPPORTUNITIES for its members because our members are direct images of ourselves.


We aren’t about awarding you credentials so you can add three or four letters after your last name.


We’re about creating change and Training Young Athletes.


Revolutionizing an industry.


And empowering you to enjoy the kind of successful and fulfilling careers we enjoy every day of our lives.


The IYCA – It’s what’s ‘new’ and ‘real’


Tomorrow I shut the door.


Maybe it’s time you gave us a second look –


Are You Missing More Than You Think? Click Here to Find Out more on Training Young Athletes