Core Values

Relentless Pursuit of Growth and Knowledge

As individuals and as a team, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the knowledge, skills, and processes of everyone who is impacted by what we do every day. “Relentless” will always be the only word to describe our quest for self-improvement.

Genuine Dedication to the Success of the IYCA Community

We sincerely care about the people on our team, the people we work with, the partners that we serve, and the people our partners serve. “Faking it” will never be an option.

Deliver Extraordinary Value and Service:

Delivering extraordinary value and service is the constant guiding force in the work we do both inside and outside of our team. Our goal is not just to give someone more than what they need; rather, it is to make them so happy with their decision to be involved with us that they can only say, “Wow.”

Do What We Say We’re Going to Do

Dependability is a sign of strong character and a consistent characteristic of highly respected and successful people both in business and life. Not only do we hold our employees to the highest standard of dependability and accountability, but we also make sure that our company is held to that same standard in the work we do with our clients.

Big Team, Little Me

Teams function best when they are comprised of uniquely talented individuals all working together toward a common goal. At the International Youth Conditioning Association, our employees know that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts and, as such, will always put forth their best effort in the service of our company’s mission. None of this could be possible without a “We First” mentality.

Policies & Procedures

To access any of the IYCA’s policies and procedures regarding equal learning opportunities, personal data security or our complaints & appeals procedures, please access them HERE.