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IYCA Member Spotlight: Wil Fleming

Wil fleming

Wil Fleming is the Owner of Force Fitness and Performance and Athletic Revolution Bloomington, in Bloomington, IN.  Force Fitness opened just over 3 years ago and is already one of the most successful training facilities in the Midwest with nearly 400  clients, 25 athletes earning Division I scholarships and nearly 45 athletes moving on to compete at the NCAA level in Division I, II, III.

In addition to being a business owner, Wil was one of the authors of the IYCA’s Essentials of High School  Strength and Conditioning, along with other noted performance experts Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and Dr. Toby Brooks.  Wil is also the author of the Olympic Lifting instructor Course from the IYCA, in which he details his progressions for teaching the Olympic lifts to athletes of all levels.

Wil earned a bachelors of science from Indiana University in Nutrition Science. He is a  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA, a Youth Performance  Specialist from the IYCA, and a level 1 performance coach from USA weightlifting.

Prior to being a business owner, he was an Olympic Trials participant, a division 1 track and field coach at Indiana University, an all-American athlete, and the school record  holder at Indiana University as a hammer thrower. Wil was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for Olympic weightlifting after winning the Jr. National Championship in the same sport.

1. What’s your background?

My background was that of competitive athletics. I started as a young, not so fast and strong athlete that discovered training was the great equalizer. Starting a strength and conditioning program allowed me to end up with a college scholarship and opportunities I could never dream of as a kid. 

This experience made me know that I wanted to help young athletes in the same way, to give them the opportunities to have doors open for them. Whether that meant a college scholarship, or lifelong friendships with teammates they might otherwise have not had. 

This led me to open Force Fitness and Performance/Athletic Revolution Bloomington just over 5 years ago with my business partner Ryan Ketchum. 

2. What do you do in your career today?

My career is a little different than it was 5 years ago. When we started I was on the floor training 14-16 hours 5-6 days per week. Now I can be a little more choosy about my schedule and train 20 hours per week or so. I spend the remainder of my time writing about training athletes at my website (www.wilfleming.com). In addition I contribute to the IYCA regularly in the form of blog posts and helping to develop some of the continuing education products that the IYCA is known for as part of their board of experts. 

3. What does the IYCA mean to you or how has the IYCA impacted you?

Without my affiliation with the IYCA, I definitely would not be in the place I am today. Every influential person I have met in fitness can be in some way traced to the interactions I have had with the IYCA. The guys in charge are always there to answer my questions or connect me to someone that can. 

4. Why you created / contributed to your IYCA products and who they are for.

I was honored to be a part of so many cool products through the IYCA. From the High School Strength and Conditioning Certification to the Olympic lift certification and Complete Athletic development there is one common vision: To help create better fitness professionals that are capable of impacting young athletes. While I have been able to open doors for a lot of young athletes, it is mind blowing to think of the number of athletes impacted by the coaches who have used and applied the principles in the IYCA products to which I have contributed. 


IYCA Member Spotlight: Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the world, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.


Q: What’s your background?

A: I’ve been in the performance enhancement/physical preparation field for 14 years now. In that time I’ve done a bit of everything – I was an assistant D-1 strength and conditioning coach, a rehab practitioner, a 1-on-1 personal trainer, and a semi-private coach /business owner.

Basically, I’ve done a bit of everything over the years!


Q: What do you do in your career today?

A: Today I own Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, which has been named one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health magazine two times. 

At IFAST we offer both small group/semi-private training (groups of 2-4 at a time), as well as large group training which we call Team Training. 

I, personally, work almost exclusively with professional and elite athletes at this point in my career. A short list of my clients includes Roy Hibbert from the Indiana Pacers, Danny O’Rourke from the Columbus Crew, Lori Lindsey (formerly of the US Women’s National team), and a handful of blue-chip prospects who are waiting for their chance to make it big.


Q: What does the IYCA mean to you or how has the IYCA impacted you?

A: Even though I’m training mostly professional athletes now, the IYCA and young athletes are what originally drew me to this industry.

I was a young kid who loved sports, but never really new how to use physical preparation in the right capacity to give myself the best chance for success. I was always a pretty good athlete, but never the best. And I always knew that if I could make myself bigger, faster, stronger, etc., that I could be a bigger contributor on the court.

So that has always been my passion – to help athletes get more out of their own bodies via improved movement and training. I love work with kids especially because they are so malleable, and the tools you can teach them via training are things that they will take with them for a lifetime.


Q: Why you created / contributed to your IYCA products and who they are for.

A: I contributed to CAD 2.0 and the HSCC product, because as rewarding as it is to coach young athletes, I love coaching the coaches as well. I like to think of this as growing my web of influence.

If I train one kid, that’s one kid I made better. But if I work with one coach, that coach has an influence over all of his athletes as well. 

So instead of just the one I helped, I could help 10, 50, or 100 athletes by helping one coach. That’s powerful.

At the end of the day, my goal always has been (and always will be) to make the people around me better. I know that if I do that, I know that money, clients and happiness will never been an issue.


IYCA Member Spotlight: Dr. Toby Brooks


toby-brooksDr. Toby Brooks serves at the Director of Research and Education for the IYCA.
Brooks is also currently an Assistant Professor in the Master of Athletic Training Program at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock, TX.

What’s your background?
PhD & MS in Physical Education from University of Arizona, BS in Athletic Training from Southern Illinois University. 10+ years experience in athletic training & strength and conditioning at professional, collegiate, and high school levels. Owned and operated sports performance business in Southern Illinois for three years prior to accepting academic position at Texas Tech. Three year starter in basketball in high school with a brief stint in college. Coached youth sports in soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball over the past 15 years.

What do you do in your career today?
I serve as clinical coordinator for the Masters of Athletic Training Program at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Director of Research and Education for the IYCA.

What does the IYCA mean to you or how has the IYCA impacted you?
I became involved in the IYCA within its first year of existence. As an athletic trainer, I see the impact of improper and/or overly aggressive training on young athletes all the time. I was convinced the IYCA was an up and coming professional organization that aligned with my professional philosophies while also being accessible, meaning its “newness” afforded me a way of making an impact right away without all the political posturing one might expect in organizations that have been around a while.

Why you created / contributed to your IYCA products and who they are for.

I have been involved in every IYCA product with the exception of the very first Level 1 YCS (now revised and relaunced as the Level 1 YFS 1 that I wrote with the contribution of Dr. David Stodden). It is my passion to see to it that any parent or professional who cares enough to assume the role of “coach” be adequately equipped to serve most effectively in that position. A willing heart is the first critical step. A prepared mind should follow closely behind. It is my hope that any IYCA product I assist in creating can reinforce the heart and help activate the mind.


The 2011 IYCA International Summit


IYCA Summit

The IYCA’s Annual International Summit is upon us once again and your opportunity to be part of the greatest educational event our industry has ever seen is something I just don’t want you to pass up.


Starting Monday and continuing through next week, I’ll be proving you with an opportunity to enjoy an ‘Early Bird’ discount.


Four days that will change your career… And your life.


No matter what, you need to reserve the following days:


Thursday, July 28: Pre-Conference Event
Friday, July 29: Summit – Day 1
Saturday, July 30: Summit – Day 2
Sunday, July 31: Post-Conference Event


I will be giving you more information on what you can expect on each of those days very soon… For now, enjoy these videos:



Athletic Revolution Success You Don’t Have…



Could you imagine this kind of success and media attention?


Read this…


Soccer Hero Named to MLS All-Star Team after Training at Local Facility

Alston suggests new training program had much to do with reaching his dream


Local soccer hero and member of the New England Revolution played against the famed Manchester United last week after being named to the MLS All-Star Team.


‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ Certification Offered As a Pre-Conference Highlight for Perform Better Tour

Attendees in Chicago and California Invited


June 10, 2010 – Attendees at Perform Better events can become certified as Youth Fitness Specialists through the International Youth Conditioning Association; #1 in Youth Fitness and Youth Sports Training.


At the Providence, Rhode Island Perform Better event two weekends ago, nearly 50 Fitness Professionals enjoyed an intimate 5-hour seminar, presented by IYCA Founder and CEO, Brian Grasso.


"It’s a unique setting and very unique experience for both myself and each of the attendees," said Grasso.


"The Perform Better Tour is the only place that interested Fitness Professionals can become certified through the IYCA live, with me teaching the material."


Since co-developing the Level 1 course with Dr. Kwame Brown three years ago, Grasso doesn’t conduct live trainings himself any longer.


The next two Perform Better events are schedule for Chicago, Illinois in June and Long Beach, California in August.
The IYCA ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1′ certification course will be hosted live by Brian Grasso on Thursday June 24 (Chicago) and Thursday August 5 (Long Beach).


Those interested in attending can contact Perform Better directly at 888-556-7464.      


IYCA Family Member Creates ‘True Youth Sports’

Program Developed to Make a Difference in youth sports & Fitness


Determined to make a dent in local youth obesity rates, a Brampton fitness professional is launching what he calls the city’s first fitness camp designed exclusively to help children foster a lifelong love of healthy living.


"Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions with factors such as fast food, computers, TV, video games, all contributing to the problem," said David Kittner, founder of True Youth Sports Brampton Fit Camp.


"Over 50 per cent of our children are overweight and almost 20 per cent are obese. We’re elated to begin offering the True Youth Sports Brampton Fit Camp program to help combat this problem and to introduce kids, ages eight to 13, to a healthy fitness lifestyle in a safe, fun, and non-intimidating format."


A report released by Peel Public Health earlier this year entitled "A Picture of Health" reveals 47 per cent of the Region’s 1.2 million population is overweight or obese.


The report findings also show that many youngsters in Peel struggle with weight as a result of lack of exercise.


With obesity rates among youngsters hitting dangerous levels, Kittner, a fitness expert with more than 15 years of experience, said he felt compelled to do something about it.


This led to the idea of introducing a proper fitness camp for children that strives to instill the importance of being active early on.


"It’s sad to see how many unhealthy kids there are out there," Kittner said. "The vast majority of kids today have sedentary lifestyles even if they’re participating in organized sports activities … so offering this much needed program was a no-brainer."


Kittner said the True Youth Sports Brampton Fit Camp training system has been developed by the world’s leading youth fitness organization, the International Youth Conditioning Association, and will be delivered by certified fitness professionals who will help motivate and inspire the kids to be active and have fun.  


"Our programs are designed with safety and fun in mind; if it’s not fun, kids are not going to stick with youth sports," he said.



Hawaii Trainer Becomes Leading IYCA Professional


IYCA recognition


News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Melissa Brady (melissa_brady@iycasupport.com)



May 31, 2010:  Michael Labuanan has recently become the IYCA’s most decorated professional in the world.


The Hawaiian native was the first IYCA Professional to earn the organizations ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 3’ distinction.


The ‘Level 3’ distinction has allowed Labuanan to claim the title as the most credentialed Member of the IYCA International Family of Youth Fitness Specialists.


“I love everything about the IYCA and what it stands for” said Labuanan.  “I am ecstatic to be the first certified ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 3’ and the highest ranking IYCA certified trainer in the world right now.  The support of the Members and staff in this organization is by far the best”.


“I don’t think we could be more proud of Michael and his efforts” said Brian Grasso, Founder and CEO of the IYCA.  “He is a model for other IYCA Family Members worldwide”.


To date, only two other Youth Fitness Specialists have earned the ‘Level 3’ credentials through the IYCA.


“It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the IYCA family. Since joining the IYCA in 2008 and becoming a certified YFS two years ago, my youth fitness program has flourished with the education I have received and continue to receive about youth fitness”, said Labuanan.


“This has definitely been a life changer and I cannot express the gratitude I have for my IYCA Family”.




IYCA Partners with Globe University on Bachelors Degree Program

IYCA in University

‘Principles of Child Fitness’ Course Uses IYCA Material as Centerpiece


April 19, 2010:  The IYCA and Globe University have partnered to establish a youth fitness presence within GU’s Health Fitness Specialty Degree.


The undergraduate course, “Principles of Child Fitness”, uses the International Youth Conditioning Association’s text, Developmental Essentials, as well as the Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist material, as the foundation of their program.



IYCA Youth Fitness & Sport Training Courses Available In College

After only 5 years, IYCA earns incredible credibility within the ‘Fitness Education’ world


April 19, 2010:  The IYCA has created a specific course blending the theory and practicality of Youth Fitness & Sport Training for students at the post-secondary level.


Both Southern Illinois University and Texas Tech University have begun offering this IYCA specific course as undergraduate electives for Exercise Science students at both institutions.


The IYCA, founded in 2003 and to market since 2005, serves as the only entity in the entire fitness and sport training world that specifically educates both professionals and students on the concepts of youth fitness, sport training and human growth and development.



IYCA Equips Industry with New & Innovative Learning Opportunities

‘Crash Courses’ teach professional trainers 1 year worth of college material in 1 week


March 15, 2010:  In an effort to allow busy Trainers and Fitness Professionals the ability to enhance their knowledge in a condensed, but effective way, the IYCA has created a serious of ‘Crash Courses’.


Written and produced by Dr. Toby Brooks, Research and Education Director for the IYCA and Professor at Texas Tech University, each course contains a wealth of information pertaining to Kinesiology, Kinematics and Athletic Movement.