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‘Crash Courses’ teach professional trainers 1 year worth of college material in 1 week


March 15, 2010:  In an effort to allow busy Trainers and Fitness Professionals the ability to enhance their knowledge in a condensed, but effective way, the IYCA has created a serious of ‘Crash Courses’.


Written and produced by Dr. Toby Brooks, Research and Education Director for the IYCA and Professor at Texas Tech University, each course contains a wealth of information pertaining to Kinesiology, Kinematics and Athletic Movement.


The ‘ESSENTIALS OF ATHLETIC MOVEMENT’ course teaches a wide variety of skills related to planes and axes, muscle actions as they relate to planar movements, action of muscles related to forces and vectors as well as specific joint actions with respect to movement.


The ‘UPPER EXTREMITY MUSCULOSKELETEL ANATOMY’ course discusses prime movers, joint actions, origins, insertions, innervations and the practical application of this knowledge from a programming standpoint.


The ‘TRUNK & CORE MUSCULOSKELETEL ANATOMY’ course reveals primary actions of the musculature in the trunk and core as well as functional application of training.


These courses will be offered in a bundle and at a reduced rate.


Specific information on the Crash Courses will be released within the next two weeks.




The International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) is the premier international authority with respect to youth sports training and fitness.  The IYCA has more than 2,000 certified professionals worldwide and affiliations with organizations all over the globe including Children’s Memorial Hospital (Chicago), Millennium Institute of Sport (New Zealand) and Sport in Action (Zambia).  For more information visit www.IYCA.org


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  1. Mike Kozul says:


    Congratulations to you and the IYCA staff!

    In the future I would love to see a IYCA collaborate/training partnership with a National Youth & Family Organiztioin like the YMCA. Think of the potential – furthering the impact for IYCA.
    Keep up the tremendous work.

    Hope to meet you at the Perform Better Summit in Providence, RI. in June

    Mike Kozul, IYCA – L1
    West Suburban (Newton, MA) YMCA

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