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Youth Fitness Training vs Long Term Athletic Development


Youth fitness

A) What do I call my Athletic Development or Youth Fitness services to parents and Coaches who are otherwise laypeople and without knowledge of industry jargon?


As with any marketing effort, your best potential gain comes when you are tailoring your language to the audience you are dealing with.


When discussing and defining your services to Parents of young athletes or Coaches, the following words and phrases evoke the strongest emotional connection and familiarity:


a. Sports Performance Training
b. Sport Specific Training


Although we are defined internally as ‘Long-Term Athletic Development’, the uneducated ear will not understand or draw a connection to that title.



Your Top 5 Mistakes in Youth Fitness



Youth Fitness

Summer is the ‘make or break’ time of year.


Without a strong summer of youth fitness or sport training camps working effectively on all levels, you can literally kiss your business progress goodbye.


June, July and August represent your greatest potential to have a revenue spike.


They are the months that will see the most number of new young clients walk through your door (at least hopefully).


They are when the seeds will be sown for your business success the remaining nine months of the year.


And yet every single year at this time, mistakes are being made.


I guarantee that you are making mistakes yourself.


Here are the ‘Top 5’ things you need to be concerned about:



Warming Up For Sport – What? Why? How?

By Richie Whall

soccer warmup

What is the purpose of the warm-up? Why do we warm-up? How do we warm-up?


The majority of coaches and athletes will perform some form of warm-up prior to training or competition but how often do we actually take the time to think about:


:: What we need to do to warm-up appropriately


:: Why we do what we are currently doing to warm-up, or


:: Wow can the warm-up be conducted more effectively?



In my previous article I discussed a goals – principles – strategies – activities approach to developing your coaching philosophy and system. So, applying this system – what does this mean for warm-ups?


The two key warm-up goals are to: