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Youth Fitness: The Critical Timing


Youth Fitness

Let me be frank and to the point here…


You can open a cookbook, follow a recipe and make a nice dinner, but that doesn’t give you the skill, ability or know-how to own a restaurant.


Every year and in every industry, there are specific time frames that present themselves as ‘revenue spikes’ for a business.


And they are absolutely critical for success and longevity.


In the retail industry, it’s the Holiday Season.


In the school supplies industry, it’s August (for the back-to-school push).


Knowing where and when your revenue spikes will be is necessary and acting towards them causes two distinct things:



Your Top 5 Mistakes in Youth Fitness



Youth Fitness

Summer is the ‘make or break’ time of year.


Without a strong summer of youth fitness or sport training camps working effectively on all levels, you can literally kiss your business progress goodbye.


June, July and August represent your greatest potential to have a revenue spike.


They are the months that will see the most number of new young clients walk through your door (at least hopefully).


They are when the seeds will be sown for your business success the remaining nine months of the year.


And yet every single year at this time, mistakes are being made.


I guarantee that you are making mistakes yourself.


Here are the ‘Top 5’ things you need to be concerned about: