Youth Fitness Training vs Long Term Athletic Development


Youth fitness

A) What do I call my Athletic Development or Youth Fitness services to parents and Coaches who are otherwise laypeople and without knowledge of industry jargon?


As with any marketing effort, your best potential gain comes when you are tailoring your language to the audience you are dealing with.


When discussing and defining your services to Parents of young athletes or Coaches, the following words and phrases evoke the strongest emotional connection and familiarity:


a. Sports Performance Training
b. Sport Specific Training


Although we are defined internally as ‘Long-Term Athletic Development’, the uneducated ear will not understand or draw a connection to that title.


When selling the points of the IYCA Developmental System that are unique, we do encourage you to use that moniker in describing our differences in contrast to the rest of the industry, however.  The revolution will come in time and we will most certainly redefine the language and understanding used in the common phrasing of appropriate training and developmental techniques.  The gap must be bridged first however by bringing clients into the fold and ‘showing’ them the IYCA difference; not just ‘telling’ them what it is.


When speaking with the media or parents who are looking for weight management and lifestyle alterations for their kids, we encourage this phrasing:


a. Youth Fitness Training 


The language is basic and very illustrative in the obvious conclusions it draws.


With this demographic, do not be afraid to add special and valued-added points as well.  Such as:


a. The [state your geographic location] only center/program specializing in Youth Fitness
b. … Exclusively for Children and Teens
c. … Designed exclusively for Children and Teens


If you’re already an IYCA Certified Professional, be sure to use this information to your advantage when talking to parents or coaches. If you’re not, it’s time you became part of the fastest growing and most profitable niche in the entire industry…


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– Brian


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  1. Phil Hueston says:

    Bravo, Brian!!

    Parents are concerned for their young athletes’ health and development. They just don’t always realize it. Often, parents are so misguided by undereducated coaches and a twisted media image of youth sports that they forget what matters.

    You have provided a great road map to guide them back to what really matters.

    Thank you again, my friend.

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