Youth Fitness: The Critical Timing


Youth Fitness

Let me be frank and to the point here…


You can open a cookbook, follow a recipe and make a nice dinner, but that doesn’t give you the skill, ability or know-how to own a restaurant.


Every year and in every industry, there are specific time frames that present themselves as ‘revenue spikes’ for a business.


And they are absolutely critical for success and longevity.


In the retail industry, it’s the Holiday Season.


In the school supplies industry, it’s August (for the back-to-school push).


Knowing where and when your revenue spikes will be is necessary and acting towards them causes two distinct things:


1) Naturally, you earn an optimum amount of money during the spike


2) You embed your brand and your services into your customers minds


Making as big a profit as possible during your revenue spike time of year is a crucial aspect of business ownership and can easily take the pressure off at other times of year when business naturally slows.


But #2 is how you translate success DURING the spike into success AFTER the spike.


Customers become connected to and happy with you and your services.


They enjoyed their experience and will happily come back for more.


That’s the hidden benefit of working hard during your revenue spike:


Transitioning customers from being one-time buyer to long-term clients.


Your business will be made or 100% broken through this reality.


Now, back to my initial point…


Following a quick recipe isn’t enough.


You need to understand the entire system for it to work optimally.


And I’m taking about the difference between just ‘scraping by’ and FINALLY turning the corner for your youth fitness business.


Do you think that prime retail stores just ‘swing it’ during the Holidays?


Or do you think they know that their revenue spike is about to come and that they can make or break their business with a proper, well-executed system that includes maximizing the spike AND transitioning to full-time customers?


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Chat soon!





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