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Youth Fitness Industry: How to Send The Wrong Message



Youth Fitness Industry

If you haven’t already, the recent Time Magazine cover story about
the Myth of Exercise is a must read for you.


You can access the article here –




Here’s the one sentence that caught my attention most:


"I have exercised like this — obsessively, a bit grimly — for years,
but recently I began to wonder: Why am I doing this? Except for a two-year
period at the end of an unhappy relationship — a period when I self-medicated
with lots of Italian desserts — I have never been overweight"




Because, of course, in our aesthetic culture, getting "skinny" is the only
reason one would have to engage in physical activity.


If you haven’t yet, please read this article.


Then, click on the link below, head over to my blog, and tell me
what you think.


To me, this is mismanaged information to the highest degree.


And I’m dying to know what you think.


Leave your comments below…


Tired of the same misinformation floating around about exercise and
the youth fitness industry?


Time to take a stand.


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ACL Young Athletes Injuries Revisited




Young Athletes Injuries

So yesterday I offered you a bevy of information from Erin Perry.


But as always, I want to hear from you.


IYCA Members are among the most talented and intelligent in the field
today and trust me when I say that I learn from each and every one of them.


Click on the link below, head over to my blog and tell me your thoughts
about ACL prevention.


Specifically…. What are we doing wrong?


How can we curb the increasing problem of ACL young athletes injuries?


What has to change at the Coaching and Training level to make this


The IYCA isn’t just about dispensing information.


It’s about giving our Members a voice.


Let’s change the industry for the better together.


Please, leave me your thoughts below