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IYCA: Is It Odd?

Is it odd that in 2009, I drove to Iowa to spend two days with IYCA Member
Aaron Larmore, just so I could see his new facility and offer insight on how
it could run most efficiently?


Is it odd that Pat, Nick and myself routinely got on the phone with IYCA
Members from all over the world just to see if we could help with any business
or training related questions they had?


Is it odd that I hosted three ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’ events – for free – and invited
IYCA Members to join me so I could help them with marketing or training
issues they were having?


To us at Head Office, it’s not odd.


It’s just what the IYCA stands for.



Does the IYCA Really Care About Your Youth Fitness Career?

Youth fitness and sport training industry.

Here’s a short video of last night’s “Coffee, Tea and Talk”…



What happens when a fitness company really does go above and


They don’t just TALK about providing more for their members.


They don’t just PRETEND to be available.


They don’t just ACT like they care.


Last night was an example of why the IYCA is TRULY different
and more invested in our members than any other organization in
existence today.


20 Fitness Professionals from all over the mid-west converged on
a Starbucks location in northwestern Chicago.


2 drove from Ohio.


4 from Iowa.


1 from Wisconsin


The average driving time was 2.5 hours.


2.5 hours.


And why did they come?


Because they understand we care.


The entire IYCA Executive Directorship was in town for a 2-day
meeting plotting future youth fitness company developments.


And we took the opportunity of having all our collective talent
in one place to open up, invite IYCA members who were willing to
come see us and be available to answer any and all questions
related to youth fitness training young athletes or creating businesses within
the demographic.


For more than 2 hours last night, that’s exactly what we did.


I talked about creating referral networks for your businesses.


How to optimize your ‘250 lists’.


The importance of parent education.


And of course, specific aspects of training kids.


Our CFO Nick Berry explained the importance of creating systems
for your business.


How to compartmentalize your efforts for maximum gain.


For more than 2 hours, we taught, engaged ideas and offered
everything we knew about how to become successful in the youth
fitness and sport training industry.


We care more than you could possibly imagine.


On his way out, one of our members said to me something I
won’t soon forget…



“I can’t believe all the information I just heard. But more than
that, I can’t believe I didn’t have to pay for it”



Ya. We care more than you could possibly imagine.


This won’t be our last ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’.


And I strongly suggest you try to make the next one…




IYCA Gang – How about some coffee?




IYCA Executives Want to Meet You

In the din of the post ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’
release, I’d like to extend a special invitation to you.


There is no cost on this.


No investment from your end.


And I really don’t care if you are part of the IYCA or not.


I just want to say ‘thanks’.


Thanks for reading my emails, caring about kids and being
passionate enough to want to create change in this industry.


Now, I am 100% realistic and know full well that only a few of
you will be able to take advantage of this – because it is
geographically based.


But what I truly wanted you to see was how far I am prepared to
go in order to make sure you enjoy a lofty, successful and
fulfilling career.


The education the IYCA provides is virtually unmatched.


The training, business and personal development resources,


But what separates us and truly serves as our internal compass
of excellence, is our personal attention.


We sincerely care about your success as a professional and are
entirely invested in your aspirations.


So as the awkward teenage boy says to the shy teenage girl…


"You want to go out next week?"


For the first time in a long time, the entire Executive
Staff will be getting together for some internal work on our
organizations future.


And we’d like to invite you to be part of that.


Pat Rigsby (Executive Vice President)


Nick Berry (Operations Director)


Sara Nylander (Managing Director)


And yours truly would like to invite you for a little
"Coffee, Tea and Talk" session next Thursday June 5th at 7pm.


We’ll be meeting at the very centrally located Starbucks in the
Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Pat, Nick and Sara are among the very best business people I have
ever known.


If you have questions about your own business ventures or
operations, we’d like you to stop by and ask them.


I know a little something about the whole fitness and sport
training industry, so if you have any questions about that, ask


We’re giving back.


And even if you’re NOT an IYCA member, I’d love you to come by.


Have a little tea or coffee, ask some of the questions that have
been plaguing you, enjoy a couple of laughs…


… Not a bad Thursday night!


One more time –


Thursday June 5th
Starbucks – Streets of Woodfield (Schaumburg, Illinois)


Drop me an email to let me know if you need directions.


You can email me personally here – grasso.brian@yahoo.com


And if you are NO WHERE NEAR this area, fret not!


This isn’t the last time we’re going to be doing this.


And next time, it may be in a location near you!


We want you to succeed.


We want to provide you with more.


We want to help solve your problems.


We care about your career and your young athletes.


Hope to see you next Thursday!