Does the IYCA Really Care About Your Youth Fitness Career?

Youth fitness and sport training industry.

Here’s a short video of last night’s “Coffee, Tea and Talk”…



What happens when a fitness company really does go above and


They don’t just TALK about providing more for their members.


They don’t just PRETEND to be available.


They don’t just ACT like they care.


Last night was an example of why the IYCA is TRULY different
and more invested in our members than any other organization in
existence today.


20 Fitness Professionals from all over the mid-west converged on
a Starbucks location in northwestern Chicago.


2 drove from Ohio.


4 from Iowa.


1 from Wisconsin


The average driving time was 2.5 hours.


2.5 hours.


And why did they come?


Because they understand we care.


The entire IYCA Executive Directorship was in town for a 2-day
meeting plotting future youth fitness company developments.


And we took the opportunity of having all our collective talent
in one place to open up, invite IYCA members who were willing to
come see us and be available to answer any and all questions
related to youth fitness training young athletes or creating businesses within
the demographic.


For more than 2 hours last night, that’s exactly what we did.


I talked about creating referral networks for your businesses.


How to optimize your ‘250 lists’.


The importance of parent education.


And of course, specific aspects of training kids.


Our CFO Nick Berry explained the importance of creating systems
for your business.


How to compartmentalize your efforts for maximum gain.


For more than 2 hours, we taught, engaged ideas and offered
everything we knew about how to become successful in the youth
fitness and sport training industry.


We care more than you could possibly imagine.


On his way out, one of our members said to me something I
won’t soon forget…



“I can’t believe all the information I just heard. But more than
that, I can’t believe I didn’t have to pay for it”



Ya. We care more than you could possibly imagine.


This won’t be our last ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’.


And I strongly suggest you try to make the next one…




7 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    Will all this great information be made available to those of us who could not attend but did commit to being part of the ‘First 500?’

  2. Matt Jennings says:

    I am beyond “amped” to be a part of your organization! And beyond that, I look forward to changing young lives for their LIFE-TIME. Brian- You “set the bar” with the IYCA- Thank you, brau!

    Matt Jennings

  3. UNBELIEVABLE. I learned so much last night from Nick and Pat (and Brian of course). I drove 50 minutes listening to IYCA cd’s that I downloaded from the GOLD membership page (Aaron, have you registered your FREE Gold membership yet???) then sat for 2 hours getting more info from these guys (and gals), then drove home w/ more info from even another cd off the IYCA FREE gold membership page. These amazing business men/women sat with US to let US pick their brains for 2 hours. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! It truly doesn’t get much better!

  4. Brian Grasso says:

    What a great time… It really is an honor to sit in front of so many passionate people and help them achieve their dreams.

    Drew – as I mentioned in my emails leading up to our ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’ meeting, nothing was scripted. I didn’t prepare a presentation or have an agenda. I just answered questions. Our intention is not to ‘offer’ information during these informal meetings, it’s to be available for our members in a way that other organizations aren’t.

    Two things to consider:

    1. We aren’t done with these events. We’ll host more ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’ sessions around the country and beyond in time… and I truly hope to meet you at one of them soon!!

    2. Almost everything that was discussed last night is information contained in our Gold Membership area. As one of our ‘First 500’ members, you can access your membership for free and enjoy all the content for a full 3 months with no charge whatsoever.

    Thanks everyone for attending!!!


  5. Fitarella says:

    Lookk forward to you coming to the East coast (ehem, Boston) soon I hope!!! 😉

  6. Joel Garcia says:

    This is really amazing stuff!! The IYCA creating something beyond special here. When are you coming out to California?!

  7. Alberto says:

    Hey Brian,

    Whats good fam,

    I just got back from a weekend with ya good ol friend Zach and he sends out a big bear hug to ya. He told me how you guys connected as he was part of the fist ever class of the IYCA just as I was part of his 1st ever USC Certification this weekend.

    Phenomenal stuff from both of you this past weekend. I am amped and ready to roll. Talk 2 U soon budd. Don’t forget to check out my new site http://www.getinshape2.com and http://www.bootcamp2getinshape.com

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