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Three Quick Ways To Become a Better Coach


Become a Better Coach

Become a better coach with young athletes


By Wil Fleming


In the network of coaches that I have met, the most passionate always are other coaches at AR. Every one of the coaches that I have met wants to do the best they can FOR their athletes. As a franchise this sets AR apart from any other that I have ever witnessed (outside of maybe Fitness Revolution!).


The franchisee at the local Starbucks isn’t trying to become better at brewing coffee, the local owner of Chipotle isn’t trying to build a better burrito, but each and everyday the owners of AR’s are trying to be better at developing young athletes.


It is a pretty cool thought when you get down to it.


In light of this, and of a conversation that I had with one of my coaches recently I wanted to talk about my 3 ways to INSTANTLY become a better coach. We can all dive into more continuing education products, and attend live events, but those things take time and it is all about being a better coach today than you were yesterday!


    1. Attend your athletes’ sporting events


We typically see our athletes in the bubble that is our AR, we even evaluate them through the lens of an assessment, but the ultimate assessment is how they perform on the field (or court, or track). See your athletes compete and you will be able to pick out exactly what it is that is holding them back.


In their lateral movement are they applying the principles of deceleration? Are they reacting quickly enough to the visual cues of the game played? Right there you have a blueprint for their next phase of speed training.


Do your athletes start to tire later in the match or game? How exactly is their game paced? If you didn’t already know you know now and you hae a blueprint for designing the conditioning protocols they will use in training.


Lastly, and it has been said 100’s of times, being a presence at sporting events is one of the single greatest marketing tools you have in your toolbox.


    1. Use film to breakdown lifts


This is so simple but sometimes we forget it. Our eyes can only capture so much, and with limited repetitions per training session there are so few opportunities to see your athletes in action while training.


Using film can help you spot errors when you believe that everything is going perfectly. Recently with one of my athletes I was able to spot that the athlete was lacking in complete extension of their hips while doing Olympic lifts, even though it seemed they were reaching this point while in full speed. I was able to notice this by breaking down the lift on film and correct this error for the next lift.


Taking a look at film will sharpen your ability to see things going forward and improve your ability to correlate results (missed lifts, slowing down in acceleration, etc) with particular errors.


For the best breakdown of movements I use the iSwing app available for iPhone and Android (it costs $2.99).


    1. Spend 1 day observing other coaches


This is almost immediate, but just arranging to spend 1 day while around other coaches can help you become a better coach and improve your abilities as well. I am fortunate that at AR Bloomington we have some tremendous coaches that I can turn to so that I can bounce ideas off of them, but even if you are not in this situation find someone in driving distance and go learn from them.


They don’t have to be household names or even strength coaches. Just last week I was able to observe a 2x state champion basketball coach take his team through some off-season basketball workouts. His command and presence resonated with me to be a better leader on the floor of our gym.


The desire to become a better coach is the reason that the members of the AR family are among the best in the world.

Try out these 3 quick tips and see your coaching improve overnight!




IYCA Brian in Toronto

IYCA is a family

It’s been a while since I trekked up to the Great White North and visited my
childhood friends and family.


Too long in fact.


It’s very easy to get sidetracked by the great standard excuse of "busy with


Too easy in fact.


My family means the world to me and I admit to feeling overwhelmed at the
thought of seeing everyone again.


My oldest brother, Al, turned 50 earlier this year. Can’t wait to give him all
kinds of grief about that!


My other brother, Mike, is doing quite well, but given all the childhood
"beatings" he gave me, I intend to cook up something good to razz him
about as well!


My parents are both in great health and spirits.


My Irish Mom is feisty as ever and will most assuredly have a few choice
words for her baby boy considering he hasn’t been home for nearly two years.


My Dad, always the patriarch and calming influence over my family, is doing
absolutely great for a man of 80+ years and will almost certainly want to spend
some time with me showing me around his precious backyard garden.


Family is important.


But family comes in all shapes and sizes.


Truly and very sincerely, I consider my IYCA Family as an important an influence
in my life as I do my biological kin.



IYCA Gang – How about some coffee?




IYCA Executives Want to Meet You

In the din of the post ‘Level 1 – Youth Fitness Specialist’
release, I’d like to extend a special invitation to you.


There is no cost on this.


No investment from your end.


And I really don’t care if you are part of the IYCA or not.


I just want to say ‘thanks’.


Thanks for reading my emails, caring about kids and being
passionate enough to want to create change in this industry.


Now, I am 100% realistic and know full well that only a few of
you will be able to take advantage of this – because it is
geographically based.


But what I truly wanted you to see was how far I am prepared to
go in order to make sure you enjoy a lofty, successful and
fulfilling career.


The education the IYCA provides is virtually unmatched.


The training, business and personal development resources,


But what separates us and truly serves as our internal compass
of excellence, is our personal attention.


We sincerely care about your success as a professional and are
entirely invested in your aspirations.


So as the awkward teenage boy says to the shy teenage girl…


"You want to go out next week?"


For the first time in a long time, the entire Executive
Staff will be getting together for some internal work on our
organizations future.


And we’d like to invite you to be part of that.


Pat Rigsby (Executive Vice President)


Nick Berry (Operations Director)


Sara Nylander (Managing Director)


And yours truly would like to invite you for a little
"Coffee, Tea and Talk" session next Thursday June 5th at 7pm.


We’ll be meeting at the very centrally located Starbucks in the
Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Pat, Nick and Sara are among the very best business people I have
ever known.


If you have questions about your own business ventures or
operations, we’d like you to stop by and ask them.


I know a little something about the whole fitness and sport
training industry, so if you have any questions about that, ask


We’re giving back.


And even if you’re NOT an IYCA member, I’d love you to come by.


Have a little tea or coffee, ask some of the questions that have
been plaguing you, enjoy a couple of laughs…


… Not a bad Thursday night!


One more time –


Thursday June 5th
Starbucks – Streets of Woodfield (Schaumburg, Illinois)


Drop me an email to let me know if you need directions.


You can email me personally here – grasso.brian@yahoo.com


And if you are NO WHERE NEAR this area, fret not!


This isn’t the last time we’re going to be doing this.


And next time, it may be in a location near you!


We want you to succeed.


We want to provide you with more.


We want to help solve your problems.


We care about your career and your young athletes.


Hope to see you next Thursday!