IYCA: Is It Odd?

Is it odd that in 2009, I drove to Iowa to spend two days with IYCA Member
Aaron Larmore, just so I could see his new facility and offer insight on how
it could run most efficiently?


Is it odd that Pat, Nick and myself routinely got on the phone with IYCA
Members from all over the world just to see if we could help with any business
or training related questions they had?


Is it odd that I hosted three ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’ events – for free – and invited
IYCA Members to join me so I could help them with marketing or training
issues they were having?


To us at Head Office, it’s not odd.


It’s just what the IYCA stands for.


A global Family working together to create change.


We don’t look at it as a ‘business strategy’ based on the notion of ‘above
and beyond’.


It’s just what we do.


Care and do everything we can to help you in your journey of career
development and fulfillment.


We know we’re different than other certification bodies. And frankly,
that’s kind of the point.


So my next question probably won’t seem odd to you, either…


What do you want from the IYCA in 2010?


How can we better serve you?


What can we provide that will make your career and life better?


Yes… I read all of your posts.


Yes… I take them very seriously.


Because that’s what the IYCA stands for.


Leave a comment below & tell me what you want in 2010.



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  1. Liz Donnelly says:

    Brian, I’ve noticed in 2009, that you have made yourself even more available than ever. So, keep doing what you’re doing! You serve us well here in the States. I’ll bet that our international members will want as much in-person access as we have (coffee, tea and talks, Summits held overseas, etc.). Get those IYCA scientists together and let the cloning begin! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Robert Martin says:

    I need for the materials that I purchased two years ago to be good enough to take the level one exam, and NOT have to buy another series of books in this day and age where it is very challenging financially to support a household, and constantly try to keep myself educated.

  3. skye nacel says:

    hey Brian and the gang,

    love what you are doing over at the IYCA. you asked about suggestions so here they are..

    1. more content available to those of us enrolled in the IYCA. training tips, actual short videos of drills and ideas to apply with our clients.

    2. follow up support after enrolling. still not exactly sure what my next steps are after studying the info(i know i can find out..) but maybe a little follow up to new folks after they enroll?

    3.looking outside of the main traditional sports. action and adventure sports are BOOMING and are more appropriate for long term lifelong application. once your done playing baseball for example, your relegated to slow pitch softball for the most part where snowboarders travel the world and find new spots well into their elder years. so maybe incorporating more non-traditional sports.

    4. looking beyond sports- its youth fitness but seems very very sports specific. more in the non -sports/competitive arenas?

    5.more regional events

    thats it for now. keep up the great work!


    skye nacel

  4. I would like to see more uncut videos like the one of Dave Gleason. I was an elementary school teacher for 5 years and I learned the most by visiting other teachers and observing. Just by watching Dave Gleason for 3 minutes I picked up two great new warm ups and several great coaching cues. They were implemented the next day with my groups classes. Now I’m a better coach. Get Better Everyday!

  5. Susan says:

    Thank you for reading my email. I guess what I need the most is help in educating the parents, athletes and coaches about how they should train. I work a lot with the high school baseball players and have offered my services for free. This year, another high school hired me to be their strength coach. Awesome and I am honored. However, I still work with some of the baseball players from this other school. Anyway, the coach wants them to do a “crossfit” football workout which entails sometimes doing over 200 pull ups, sit ups and push ups. When the baseball players come to me, they are toast.
    How can I get through to these coaches and parents?

    By the way, I am coming to KY in February!


  6. Bradley says:

    I am going to start getting involved in training kids from the 10-18 years of age. I want to work with them on balance, body awareness, deceleration/acceleration and multi-directional speed, strength, and jumping. I also want the kids that are involved in sports to play and work on their specific sport.

    My questions to you are as follows:
    How many days a week should I see them?
    How should I split up the routine?
    Can I incorporate groups for all training aspects?

    I know this is the million dollar question, knowing that there are a thousand different ways to train. The problem is there are a thousand different ways to train wrong as well.

    Any help would be great, because I have been spinning my wheels lately.


  7. Vince says:

    Hey Brian,

    You and the IYCA Team are as legit as it gets; leading the way in a field that needs continuous attention and care if the youth growth and development process is to continue in this world. The IYCA and it’s teammates stand for something more than just a piece of paper. It’s not easy to find so many people who share a common cause in helping educate and protect our youth fitness culture, but you guys are doing an amazing job nurturing this process!

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

    There are a variety of ways you can fish out there…Continue teaching us how to master them:)

    Thank god for pioneers!


  8. Hi Brian,
    I would love to attend a course/meeting when you are in the NYC area.
    If you are married with children/obligations it’s difficult to get to Kentucky.
    I would sign up for more courses if you could get ceu’s from ACE,ACSM, and NSCA.

    The plane fare to Kentucky is over $620.00, plus hotel, course fees and food. Ir’s a great course but at this time I can’t afford to come.

    I have learned alot as a ICYA MEMBER –keep the information flowing.

    PE Teacher

  9. Phil Loomis says:

    Selfishly I would like the IYCA to host an event in my home state of Michigan. I think the IYCA goes above and beyond in the service they provide the members. On the message board I would like to see chats with guest speakers such as Dr. Mohr or John Berardi ( that guy is very good). As of now I am getting all I can handle just keeping up with the current content.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday wishes to the entire IYCA organization!

  10. Joel Garcia says:

    Brain, you and the entire IYCA team have done and continue to do a tremendous job at servicing your coaches and community. The example that you set for me has encouraged me to reach out to my community in ways that I would not have considered otherwise e.g. community events. I am writing my first community event right now. But this raises a question for me as a proud member of the IYCA as I take on the roll of consultant in my community, how do I best use the IYCA name? It’s just a simple question of identity.

    I am use to coaching and telling people about my certification and to them it’s just a certification. I want to use more powerful words than “certification”. For instance I want to say that I am affiliated or in partnership with the IYCA on my website and at my community events and then direct them to the IYCA website. In the world of fitness certs can be very easy to attain and follow up, well there is none. The IYCA is different in that regard and my cert means so much more than letters after my name. I have put in so many hours on my own in the name of the IYCA after receiving my certs to be the best coach I can be and I want people to get that.

    When it comes down to it I want to share the excitement that being apart of the IYCA brings me to my clients. I want the parents of the kids that I coach and the community that I serve to be able to understand that I am part of a greater collective and that my service to the kids I train is supported by a community of serious coaches and trainers.

    I am not saying that I want something more, as if my certification is not enough and as if you are not doing enough because you have exceeded my expectations. I just want to be certain that I am using the IYCA name in the best way possible when I market to my community without saying something that is untrue.

    All the best,


  11. Gareth Ashton says:

    Come to New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Brian – I am not a member yet but would like to go to the summit 2010. Where is the summit held?

  13. Tom says:

    I am no longer a member so I do not know if this has changed. But I would have liked to see training videos in the members only site. When I clicked on that link it always said that they will be coming soon.

  14. Colin Fannon says:

    I personal would like to see another certification class for a level 2 youth fitness specialist. I greatly enjoyed the Level certification class i was able to take in June and would love to be able to do another for the Level 2 as soon as possible.

  15. elton dickens says:

    I believe the IYCA is a good organization from what I have seen and read. There is so much info out there however. I don’t know who or what is the best. But all your info seems to make sense. What I desire in 2010 is to work with my son to improve his conditioning and speed for tennis and soccer. If his friends and their parents notice a difference, maybe I can assist them too. What is the best route to take? You offer Complete Athletic Development, but you also offer Speed certication. What to do? I would like guidance to make the best purchase for my dollars that can pay the most dividends for all involved. Thanks

  16. Brian Racer says:


    Thanks for all you and your team are doing.

    I’d like to reverse the question and throw it back to you. What can we do to help further the IYCA organization and brand? I know you have done your best with the articles and interviews that are getting into national publications, but what can we do?

    Here I’m thinking about brochures, DVD’s, etc. that we can drop into the hands of every parent of the kids we train, or into the hands of a well place manager of a YMCA or fitness center. I know the web is a great tool, but something in the hand serves as a reminder to those we are trying to persuade and encourage. And having a couple thousand sales people would further all of our efforts and get us the name recognition that causes people to start looking for the IYCA label when they think about training that is specially suited to kids of all ages.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Louisville.

    Have a blessed holiday!

  17. You need to start a mentoring program or an internship with practicing professionals. It would be nice to observe someone working with kids the way you describe.
    PE Teacher

  18. Susan says:

    What is your opinion of “CrossFit”?

  19. Raj Thompson says:

    I recently found out about the IYCA through Lee Taft’s website and so far this organization and certification is dfferent than any other organization out there. I like how there’s a family atmoshphere and how Brian really cares for the members. I’m currently watching the DVD’s to get certified as a speed and agility specialist. I like it so far because it teaches how to do an exercise but why it helps in a sports specific atmoshpere. Every other certification doesn’t have that in their cirriculum and it seems all they want is your money but IYCA has newsletters, blog for us too comment and share ideas. I would say to keep things the same because if it’s not broke don’t fix it

  20. Doug Rines says:

    I’m just getting started into fitness training, less than a year. My degree is in Engineering and MS in Business but now I’m following something I love. Training. I’m finishing up another trip to Afghanistan and I’m regiestered for Cross Fit level I training when I return stateside. What do you think about Cross Fit Kids? http://www.crossfit.com and please check out my website and give me some pointers. http://www.trainingspartans.com

  21. Tassos Moyssiadis says:

    i would like to learn about high jump. More as i know. About high jump’s weights, drills and plyo. Could you inform me?

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