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A Tragedy We’re Just Going to Accept?


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"I’m not a crazy mom," said Jennifer Sherman of Ridgewood, who explained that she enrolled her 3-year-old son, Jack, because he is desperate to have his own version of baseball after watching so many of his 9-year-old brother’s games. "He wants to do this."


For the record, my 4 year old daughter would ‘want’ to have ice cream every night for dinner… Sometimes, parents and coaches need to be the intermediary between what a child wants and what’s best…


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‘My IYCA Story’: Where I’ve Come From and Where I’m Going


IYCA and it’s beginnings


‘Tragedy’ is a word that can describe a lot of things.


What may be tragic to some is not tragic at all to others.


That’s because life events are personal.


And we are all equipped with different coping mechanisms to handle adversity differently.


I wanted to give you an insight to truly understand what makes me ‘tick’.


The ‘Brian’ underneath the ‘Brian J. Grasso’.


This kind of personal revelation is not easy for me to offer necessarily, but something I wanted you to know and understand about me.


The video below explains the reason I created the IYCA.


I didn’t know it at the time, but this event was my inspiration for the IYCA