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A Tragedy We’re Just Going to Accept?


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"I’m not a crazy mom," said Jennifer Sherman of Ridgewood, who explained that she enrolled her 3-year-old son, Jack, because he is desperate to have his own version of baseball after watching so many of his 9-year-old brother’s games. "He wants to do this."


For the record, my 4 year old daughter would ‘want’ to have ice cream every night for dinner… Sometimes, parents and coaches need to be the intermediary between what a child wants and what’s best…


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You’re Destroying Young Athletes

Young Athletes Programming

One of my favorite things to do is chat with the ‘big name’ trainers in our industry about programming, speed training, strength development or flexibility for young athletes.


Sometimes, in the middle of a casual conversation about nothing at all related to conditioning, I will switch gears in an instant and turn the discussion to something related to training.


And that’s just what I did with superstar trainer, Alwyn Cosgrove this past weekend.


Alwyn and I are good friends, so it’s not really unusual for us to be chatting about sports or family late in the afternoon on Saturday.


“Ya, baseball doesn’t really do it for me – after all, I’m  Scottish!” Alwyn was telling me.


“Uh huh” I replied, not really listening… I was planning my big move.


“It’s kinda like Cricket I guess, except for a smaller field, smaller bat, different throwing motion, different scoring system… actually, it’s not really like Cricket at all is it?” Alwyn continued on.


“I guess not,” I countered… about ready to evoke my patented conversation-switching technique.


“Ya, and besides, Cricket games can go on for like 4,000 years or something like that.  Rugby, now there’s a game. I remember…” Alwyn stopped mid-sentence – I had finally sprung into action.


“What’s the biggest mistake trainers are making with young athletes in this industry, Al?” I finally asked.