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Youth Fitness: Could It Be Your Life’s Purpose…

<body><h1>Youth Fitness and how it could be your future.

</h1>Have you ever been to a standard fitness or sport training conference?




If so, you likely walked away with some good information.




And while that’s great, I always say that the fitness and sport training industry is moving from the age of INFORMATION to the age of INSPIRATION.




You can get INFORMATION anywhere… Including while attending conferences.




But how often do you walk away INSPIRED to take immediate action on what you just saw and heard?




More over, have you EVER walked away saying stuff like this…







Those video clips were taken at the last conference the IYCA <span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Youth Fitness </span>held right here in Chicago.




“… I consider the event priceless…”




“… One of the best things I have done in my 28 year career…”




Those are great success stories and I am very proud of what we INSPIRED people to do that day.




The IYCA recently presented a seminar in New York City as well.




Check out how unbelievably excited and INSPIRED this fitness professional was…











I personally get emotional every time I look or even think about this next video.




It makes me realize that I am truly in the right profession and that so many others share the same passion as I do.




And honestly… I have NEVER seen anything like this before:







We (you and I) are the Future of Youth Fitness my friend.








‘My IYCA Story’: Where I’ve Come From and Where I’m Going


IYCA and it’s beginnings


‘Tragedy’ is a word that can describe a lot of things.


What may be tragic to some is not tragic at all to others.


That’s because life events are personal.


And we are all equipped with different coping mechanisms to handle adversity differently.


I wanted to give you an insight to truly understand what makes me ‘tick’.


The ‘Brian’ underneath the ‘Brian J. Grasso’.


This kind of personal revelation is not easy for me to offer necessarily, but something I wanted you to know and understand about me.


The video below explains the reason I created the IYCA.


I didn’t know it at the time, but this event was my inspiration for the IYCA