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Why Implement Plyometrics into Your Training Programs: Part 2

Why You Should be Implementing Plyometrics: Part 2

athletics-659241_640In part 1 of “Why Implement Plyometrics into Your Training Programs” it was important to note that plyometrics could be a great tool to use in your programming to help athletes achieve success.

In this blog, there are 3 more reasons that implementing plyometrics can take your programs and athletes’ game to the next level.

3 More Reasons to Implement Plyometrics

Reason #4: Easily Transferable

Plyometric movements mimic sports or game movements. A squat jump can mimic a number of things, a basketball player getting a rebound or a football player jumping to catch a pass.

There are many examples of plyometric exercises that can transfer to the field, court, etc. The greatest thing about that is it creates “buy in” from parents and athletes alike. They can see, feel and apply plyometrics.

Reason #5: Gives You Room to Be Creative

jump-2594_640To keep athletes interested, coaches occasionally need to get creative in their programming. This not only holds interest, but it really is the best thing for the athletes.

To add energy and excitement use plyometrics.

Pro Example: I may have my athlete perform a regular bench press for a number of reps, and the athlete would immediately move to performing a medicine ball chest press for a certain amount of time (generally 25-30 seconds).

Reason #6: Endurance

Endurance is another little perk of plyometric exercises.

Have athletes do as many burpees as they can in 30 seconds. This finisher will definitely put their endurance to a test.

Pro Tip: Be sure that athletes are proficient in burpees before this challenge. If they cannot complete a great burpee, they need to start their first.


It is important to note that when developing the complete athlete, plyometrics are very important and can be utilized in many ways. Simple plyometric exercises should be mastered before more complex plyometric exercises are introduced.

Jumping rope, jumping jacks, single leg jumps, skipping, etc. are great ways to introduce plyometrics. Now get out there and have some fun!

About the Author: DeCoreus Leavell

DL-HeadshotDeCoreus Leavell

– IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certified
– Assistant Coach at Christian County High School
– In the span of 3 years coached 3 state champions and 15 state placers at the middle and high school level

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