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Youth Speed Certification – Final Chance




Youth Speed Certification Rampage

As I predicted, we literally sold out of the 50 spots within 3 hours.


And why wouldn’t we?


Two certifications.


Two credentials.


Three world-class professionals.


One price – only $197.


Our industry just doesn’t provide opportunities like this and I can’t say as though
I’m surprised that so many people jumped on the chance.


The response actually made me look in a different direction…


I called our host facility and asked them flat-out, if the venue could hold an
additional 10 people.


I’m excited (and a little surprised to be honest) that the answer came back as "yes".


So, that means I get to hold spots for 10 more people.


10 – and then that’s it.


Do you know what it means to be able to say "one of the first in the world"?


I’ll let you think about that while you consider if you want to click on the
link below and reserve one of the final 10 spots for the Youth Speed Certification





– Brian