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Sport Specific Youth Training: Part 2


Sport Specific Youth Training Principles

The following are some guidelines for training and developing figure skaters from an athletic and functional perspective:


Promote concepts of multilateral development. This is a hard pill to swallow within the world of figure skating due to the fact that many coaches, parents and trainers are interested in pushing the limits with young kids in the hopes of national and international success. Your job as a parent or coach with young skaters is to introduce them to as much athletic stimulus as possible.


The nervous system of a young athlete is malleable and requires input to develop optimally. If you are prescribing little more than basic fitness and on-ice type movements, you are robbing the child of potential athletic growth and limiting his or her prospective success. Look at Kurt Browning and Elvis Stojko respectively – one played hockey the other took martial arts. Diversity contributes to athletic success not hinders it.


Sport Specific Youth Training



Youth Coaching Tributes 2010

Youth Coaching

Dan Parsons had the greatest impact on my Youth Coaching career.


Bar none.


Of all the wonderful Coaches I have had the sincere pleasure
of meeting and working with over the years, he, by far and
away, is the one that stands out to me.


I was 22.


Young and very ambitious.


Dan was a seasoned veteran and had worked with literally
hundreds of young athletes through his career.


And wow… what a role model he became to me.


He taught me about the scientific concepts of long-term
athlete development.


He showed me how to communicate with young athletes of
varying personalities and skill levels.


He explained to me the ART behind the SCIENCE of strength
and conditioning.


He put me in difficult youth coaching situations, gave me just enough
rope to hang myself and then demonstrated how to do it