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Periodization for the Young Athlete

Young Athlete

by Toby Brooks, PhD, ATC, CSCS, PES, YFS3


Periodization for Young Athletes Training Chart

Originally developed by Romanian exercise scientist Tudor Bompa for a number of Eastern Bloc countries in the early sixties, periodization involves the breakdown of the annual conditioning plan into specific training phases intended to maximize training effectiveness and sport-specific strength and skill acquisition. In practice, a periodized conditioning program might involve a strength phase followed by a power phase, then the power phase followed by an endurance phase. The model has been widely researched and the consistent positive benefits of periodized training programs are largely credited for the rise to prominence on the global athletic stage many Eastern Bloc countries enjoyed following implementation of Bompa’s methods.



A New Model for Periodization: Part 1



The degree to which the concept of ‘periodization’ still intrigues us as Fitness and Sport Training professionals truly surprises me.


While there are many styles, types and methods associated with periodization at large, the most commonly discussed and implemented by Coaches and Trainers worldwide remains the rather outdated ‘Linear Model’:


Aerobic Base (conditioning)


My objection to this type of periodized model (or any type within which ‘Hardcore Performance Gains’ are the intention) is something I’ve both written about and lectured on for nearly 10 years.