Youth Sports Training for Large Groups

Youth Sports Training For;

Mobility & Active Flexibility
Injury Prevention – Mechanics
Injury Prevention – Deficits


I had 20 minutes, one volleyball court and 50+ young athletes…


So, here’s how I broke it down:


(A) Mobility/Active Flexibility (7 Minutes)


Hip Circuits
Shoulder PNF Patterns
Ankle Mobs
Four-Quarter Leg

Standing Around the World


(B) Injury Mechanics (7 Minutes)
Bi-Lateral/In-Place Power Jumps
Unilateral/In-Place Knee Tucks
Linear Translating Ankle or Jump Hops
Linear Translating Ankle or Jump Hops to Cue (i.e. start/stops)

Diagonal, Backwards & Sideways Versions of the Same
180 Degree Rotational Bilateral & Unilateral/In-Place
Progress Above to Movement-Based


* Important to note; I’ve long staggered my exercise selection based on logical progressions.


For example, with jump training:


(i) Static/Non-Locomotive
(iii) Dynamic/Non-Locomotive
(iv) Dynamic/Locomotive


Think about the breakdown of how many exercises you could group into those categories, thereby giving you an incredible progression/regression profile to pull from.


(i) Bi-Lateral/In-Place Power Jumps
(ii) 2-Foot Hops Across the Floor
(iii) Bi-Lateral/In-Place Power Jumps with Lunge
(iv) 2-Foot Jumps Across the Floor with Lunge


(C) Injury Deficits (5 Minutes)


Push-Up Holds
Inch Worms
Side Bridges
BW Squats
Lunges (Directional)

1-Leg Squats/Reaches


(D) Torso (2 – 3 Minutes)


Shoulder Retractions (Prone)
Hip/Hamstring Active Stretch
Overhead Squats

Overhead Held Split Stance


Overall ideal?








The Club did not repeat as National Champions, but there was not one injury incurred all season.


Situations, circumstances and ignorance don’t always combine for perfect situations within which we can do the very best job we’re capable of….


…. But with a little foresight and planning, we can STILL get the job done!


Your Youth Sports Training ‘3-Point-Consideration’ List:


(1) Is creating an ‘Ascension System’ possible?  If so, plot it out and educate Coaches, Parents and Athletes both why and how.


(2) Use the time you’re given to provide conditioning by sectioning it into allotted profiles or categories of importance.  This is not about ‘sets’ and ‘reps’… It’s about the right stimulus at the right time.


(3) Develop a ‘Progression’ and ‘Regression’ system of your own.  Categorize each and every one of your exercise overviews (mobility, strength etc) into 4-part progression (static/non-locomotor etc) and then start building an ‘Exercise Database’ that you can implement anywhere, with any athlete.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


I’m very excited to hear your thoughts and answer your questions!



– Brian



How Did I Learn to Make Training Young Athletes Effective No Matter What The Situation?


My Foundation Was Built Here —> https://iyca.org/yfs1


Over the past 3 years, I’ve spent a lot of time considering this subject.


Are Kettlebells safe for young athletes?


Are they just a fad that our industry is embracing right now?


Are the reputed performance gains you get from using Kettlebells real?


I considered it all.


And then I asked the 2 people I trust more than anyone else in the world with respect to this topic:


Owners of the incredibly popular, Kettlebell Athletics.


I asked them questions.


I asked them to prove it.


I asked them to show me.


I asked me to demonstrate on young athletes.


And they did.


All of it.


I became such a firm believer in Kettlebell Training for Young Athletes…


… I did something I really never thought I’d ever do.


I asked them to create a course specific to Kettlebells for Youth.


And they did.


I am MORE than proud to present…


The Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course


Brought to you in partnership from the IYCA and Kettlebell Athletics.


Go have a look at what we’ve put together for you…


…. You’re about to become as excited as I am:


–> https://iyca.org/kettlebell/


I chose Pamela and Jason to create this course for 3 basic reasons:


1) They Teach You How to Manipulate Leverage & Mechanics


Which means their philosophy lines up with the IYCA. 


They are about to show you WHY as well as HOW… Indispensable information every Coach needs when it comes to Kettlebell Training


2) They Teach You How to Coach and Cue


Again… A match with the IYCA.


The Art of Coaching is a critical aspect to working with young athletes.  Pamela and Jason have created an INCREDIBLE

educational course that instructs you on much more than just sets and reps.


3) They Teach You Their System for Programming


It’s not about just doing Kettlebell exercises without context.




… And that’s what leads to optimal results for your young athletes.


Do not delay… Click on the link below and see exactly how powerful this brand-new ‘Youth Kettlebell Course’ is:


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Take care!

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  1. Billy says:

    Hey Brian great stuff, how can I expand my exercise data base? I know a lot of great stuff but i’m alway looking for new movements for my athletes.
    thanks Billy

  2. vince james says:

    Great Stuff Brian!! this well help alot. Vince

  3. Jason says:

    It always amazes me how much we can actually get accomplished if we have a solid plan of action. Its sometimes hard to believe that 20 minutes can make such a huge impact, but this is a prime example of what planning with a purpose can accomplish.

  4. Anthony says:

    I would have loved, to have seen that ! I am visual learner, any chance on seeing the workout with the 50 kids?

  5. Diane Otero says:

    Hi I would like to know if you have a video on this training section? And if you can you play it? thank you hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Tim Chapman says:

    Brian, I am enjoying your information but do you have a video or pictoral database of these exercises. I don’t know some of them (ie..inchworm..linear ankle..)



  7. quinton felton says:

    hey brian love what you are doing with god,s blessing i will follow suit, need all the help i can get from you. thanks a lots

  8. Brian Grasso says:

    Thanks for the feedback, all!! Actually, we’re working on a video database right now. Filming on April 16th. Starting soon, we’ll be able to make parts of that available in order to showcase specific exercises like this! Thanks again… BG

  9. Hello Brian,
    I have been reading your newsletter and looking at your IYCA set and the products there.
    I would love to invest and learn more and work with youngsters eager to get better. However, I hesitate to invest because of the facts of my circumstance: 1. I am not involved as a teacher, parent or have a history with the schools in my current area.
    2. I was not a college or HS athlete, so I cannot point to a performance resume.
    3. I have found it difficult to get the attention of an athletic director in order to get a meeting.

    I am a Personal Trainer, and am a RRCA and USATF coach, but working with adult recreational runners, for the most part.

    Any ideas on how I could feel more confident that completing your courses will help in breaking some of these sticking points.?

    Yours in Health,
    Tony Salinaro, NASM, RRCA, USATF

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