Demystify the Most Effective Training Tool in the World & Learn the Exact Step-by-Step Method to Unleashing More Strength & Power In Your Young Athletes Than You Ever Believed Was Possible!

Your Blueprint for Learning the Top-Secret System of Effective Kettlebell Teaching, Training and Programming for Young Athletes

Kettlebells: Fad or Foundation for Training?

That’s the magic question, isn’t it?

Are Kettlebells just one of those training tools that have become so overplayed that their use far undercuts the ‘hype’…

… Or does the over-hype diminish their actual value?

My take is simple:

Kettlebells are, in fact, one of the most powerful and effective training tools in existence today.

The potential for your young athletes to gain in Speed, Strength and Power (not to mention Coordination, Balance and Injury Reduction) is absolutely uncanny.

What’s missing is a system.

How do you teach and progress your young athletes through a developmentally-sound system that ensures they are reaping all the massive benefits Kettlebells have to offer – while staying true to the ultimate form of Long-Term Development?

Are Kettlebells Safe for Young Athletes?

The OTHER magic question!

Without going into great detail (because that’s what this course is for) the answer is simple…


Kettlebell training is absolutely safe for young athletes of any age.

But here’s the caveat…

“Safe”, provided you:

  • Understand Exactly How to Teach Kettlebell Use to Young Athletes
  • Have a Progressive System that Matches Specific Exercises with Your Young Athletes Ability (meeting where they stand now)
  • Create Built-In Progressions and Regressions
  • Hold In Context That Kettlebells Are NOT the End-All-Be-All… They Are An Incredibly Effective Tool That Can Enhance Performance & Decrease Injury

This is Your Chance to Become Part of the “New Wave” of Fitness Professionals…

… Understand Kettlebell Training for Young Athletes!

Here Are The Current Problems…

1) You Don’t Have a System…

Kettlebell Training isn’t about picking up a ‘bell’ and just swinging it around.

It’s appreciating Leverages.

It’s about understanding Position.

It’s Teaching… Not Training.


2) You Don’t Have the ‘Cues’…

The Art of Coaching shows us that sometimes, from a Coaching perspective, less is more.

I’ve been saying for years, that one of our greatest faults is the fact we feel compelled to over-coach, over-correct and get over-specific.

And just like with every other exercise or training system, all you really need to understand is the exact cues that can turn your young athletes ‘trying’ Kettlebells into your young athletes learning to ‘Master’ them.

The 3rd and potentially most important ‘Current Problem’???

3) The Untapped Explosion of Speed, Strength & Power

Admittedly, I’ve been converted on this one.

It’s not that I felt Kettlebell Training was a bad idea, limited in potential gains or unsafe, I just got tired of the hype!

I mean… It’s just a tool.

Like a chin-up-bar or dumbbell.

Kettlebells contain certain inherent aspects that are unique to them, but they are not exclusive in their capacity to create Speed, Strength & Power.

But here’s what I’ve learned….

They represent one of the only tools I’ve ever seen that combines potential gain for a young athlete in several different physical capacities:

  • Systemic Strength
  • Mobility
  • Active Flexibility
  • Coordination (Kinesthetic Differentiation, Balance, Movement Adequacy)
  • Speed & Power

What I’ve come to learn is surprisingly simple…

… Proper Application of Kettlebell Teaching and Training Can Dramatically Unleash A Whole New Level of Success For Your Young Athletes!

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Jeff Larson – Napa, CA

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Carrie Dale – Exton, PA

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Pamela MacElree
Pamela MacElree

Pamela is owner of Urban Athlete, which operates a strength and conditioning studio and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pamela has also collaborated on developing and delivering the most comprehensive Kettlebell training certification for Fitness Professionals in the United States and Germany.

Pamela is co-author of the book, Total Body Breakthroughs and has been seen in Experience Life Magazine, PFP, and on CNN.


Jason C Brown
Jason C. Brown

Jason C. Brown is widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities on kettlebell training for fitness & sport.

Jason has worked with thousands of clients and athletes to refine his methodologies and has been coach and consultant for world and national champions specializing in sports performance and preparation.

Jason’s programs have been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Experience Life Magazine, and CNN Fit Nation.

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