Youth Speed Training


An incredible video about Youth Speed Training that answers a lot of questions:



A Speed Program for Young Athletes That Has Been Proven To Be 100% Successful:


—> http://completeathletedevelopment.com/cad/digital


– Brian


Youth Speed Training


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  1. Great information Dave…I couldn’t agree with you more. Your program for that age is outstanding! Great ideas…thanks for sharing.

  2. Roy Alfonso says:

    Great ideas like always.
    Suggestion: Eliminate the negative talk. Those that are doing things wrong will probably not look for you and if they stumble upon one of your videos you could turn them away.
    If you stick with just what is good and what you do
    you’ll be leading by example.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gina says:

    Thanks for the great info. you provide in your videos.
    Would you (or have you) ever consider videoing the set up of your facility?

    I’m a personal trainer looking to find a location to train my clients/athletes and would like help determining what square footage is needed to operate in and how you designed your facility layout.

    Thanks so much,

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