Common Mistakes in Youth Speed Training

The video above is an excerpt from the Youth Speed Training’ DVD in my Complete Athlete Development system.


Teaching quality deceleration and acceleration skills from different
angles is the most important place to start with an effective
Youth Speed Training system.


Do you have a system for Youth Speed Training?


Complete Athlete Development will be off the market very soon, but
the speed training system I outline within it will make all the difference
in the world to the success rates of your young athletes.


Heath Croll down in Virginia had this to say –



“… I realized in an instance that the techniques and progressions he
was showing were going to make my athletes the fastest and most
agile in the game…. I was right!”


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  1. andy sasimowicz says:

    Great Donovan and Brian.I can only comment on the individuals that I have been fortunate enough to teach.Theirs lots of negative talk regarding speed and the ability to develop it.Ok I say we all have a ceiling level for speed development but in my profession, soccer, speed involves various componemts like perceptial speed, reaction speed, game action speed etc.The point I am trying to make is that speed development works but like you mention Brian you have to follow a professional and systematic approach not just jump into it as I see many coaches do!What are you teaching and how?Complete Athlete development is the way forward!Thanks.

  2. Donovan Owens says:

    What a coincidence! I just walked in the door from training one of my young athletes. When this young man started with me 3 months ago he had no coordination, very little balance, was very unconditioned and his confidence was very low. Three months ago, static deceleration was one of the first skills that we covered (along with many other). I’m so proud because today, through progessive teaching methods, this young man can now run skill filled ladder drills, balance movements and any movement that involves deceleration is starting to come very natural. I allowed him to perceive the information like a 12 year old and process the actions with my guidance. The absolute best part is, this young man loves to come train and his confidence shows with a smile when he walks up. Complete Athlete Development provides the foundation for all of my teaching and coaching methods and the results are awesome. Thanks BG!

  3. Another great example of keeping it simple and effective. Too many young athletes have not learned / been taught basic movement techniques, and this is one of them. It’s not about how fast you can slide cone to cone, but the quality and purpose of the movement that is important at this stage. Great job! KP

  4. Aaron Gillies says:

    One of the first things we taught our athletes in our summer camp was the importance of decelerating and maintaining a proper athletic position. Even today, 5 weeks later, we still emphasis proper positioning. Why? Because it is not something that can be mentioned once and then called upon months later. It has to be learned and repeated in a system. Thanks for the system Brian.

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