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Youth Speed Training

Youth Speed Training Expert Opinions

Coach Robert Dos Remedios is considered one of the best Strength Coaches in College sports.


And he agrees.


So does Sue Falsone.


Sue is the former Head Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles Dodgers and current Director of Physical Therapy for the vaunted ‘Athletes Performance’ facility in Arizona.


The ability of an athlete to become ‘elite’, ‘professional’ or ‘world-class’ is based almost entirely on what kind of development happened when they were young.


Coach Dos explained to me how puzzled and frustrated his is year-in and year-out to have all-state high school athletes come in as freshmen to his program…


… Only to be lacking in the BASICS of speed, agility and strength.


As far as he’s concerned the ‘Mistakes’ we make at the youth level from a Speed & Agility Training perspective are:


(1) Systemic Strength

(2) Deceleration

(3) General Movement (i.e. lack of ‘play’ experience)


Sue Falsone suggested that ‘power leaks’ are the biggest mistake (in terms of finding and understanding them).


According to Sue, if there is dysfunction present in a young athlete, all they will learn to do is compensate…


… But compensation means that injury risk goes up and speed goes down.


Her solution?


(1) Ankle Mobility (dorsi-flexion specific)

(2) Hip Mobility (with a neutral spine)

(3) Thoracic Mobility (in the absence of lumbar movement)


So what should ‘Youth Speed Training look like then?


Well, tomorrow I have a very special surprise for you.


A complete blueprint that will show you exactly how to create, teach and progress a Speed & Agility Training program for young athletes that will counter each and every one of the concerns mentioned above.


A Youth Speed Training Blueprint:


(1) 4-Hours of Video Instruction


(2) 2.5 Hours of Audio Education


(3) 30+ Sample Programs


All created by some of the best in the world:


  • Robert Dos Remedios (College of the Canyons)
  • Sue Falsone (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Dave Gleason (Athletic Revolution)
  • Dr. Toby Brooks (Texas Tech University)


You’re going to flip, when you see this!


Stay tuned for my email tomorrow…






P.S. – By the way, the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system itself is going to leave you dizzy…


But the 50% off discounted price is going to knock you out completely!


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  2. Richie whall says:

    Simple yet highly effective advice as you would expect from the IYCA.

    Focus on bodyweight strength and control, incorporating activities to maintain mobility and stability at the ankle, hip and thoracic spine, teach them key movement skills and make sure they have plenty of opportunities for play and practice without any pressure or fear of making mistakes!

    The humjan body is far smarter than we are, we just need to create the environment for it to learn and develop!

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