Youth Conditioning Market: The Train Is Leaving…


Youth Conditioning Market: the perfect storm

Fitness Professionals with acumen for business will clearly recognize that the youth conditioning market represents a literal perfect storm in terms of revenue potential and stability.  There are relatively few professionals who specialize in this niche and yet the consumer demand is growing by the day.  In fact, unlike adult-centric demographics, the youth conditioning market contains sub-niches – all of which may satiate a respective Trainers desire to work with certain individuals and not others.


The most common opportunities found in the youth conditioning market are as follows –


1. Youth Conditioning Sporting Organizations


Countless youth conditioning athletic organizations from a range of sports, hire Fitness Professionals specially trained in the art and science of pediatric sport development, to conduct camps and clinics for both the young athletes themselves as well as the volunteer Coaches involved with the association.  The network created being involved in such an endeavor can greatly enhance a Personal Trainers ability to bring private youth clients on in a private setting.


2. Young Athletes – Private Training


Whether through private, one-on-one training or in small group format, training centers dedicated entirely to working with young athletes (typically between the ages of 6 – 18) have exploded across the marketplace over the past several years.  Franchise opportunities with industry frontrunners include Velocity Sports Performance, Athletic Revolution and the CATZ.


3. Youth Conditioning Fitness Participants


Countless young, non-athletes have also begun seeking the services of specifically qualified Personal Trainers over the past number of years.  These would-be clients are often those children who are encumbered with overweight or obesity concerns, or those who have development-delays such as sensory integration issues.



Would having your very own Youth Fitness & Sport Training Center appeal to you?


What if it was backed by an internationally credible organization and built off of a blueprint that has already proven successful?


Athletic Revolution is sweeping the United States as the next ‘Big Thing’ in our industry.


If you would like more information on how you can become part of this growing family of dedicated professionals and create a profitable and stable youth conditioning career for yourself, please click below:


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  1. Bobby says:

    I coach basketball at a private school in Washington DC. I would like to learn how to train HS age athletes as was as the 8-12 range. What is the best way to teach them to increase speed, quickness, and jumping ability?

  2. Will Mbanga says:

    Bobby- do the IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist course!

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