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The Chicken or The Egg in Youth Fitness

[wpfblike] Youth Fitness: which came first?

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Mobility before Stability?


Stability before Mobility?


I’ve read research that states both…


In your practical experience, which order makes most sense in youth fitness?


Please… Let us know:


Maximize Your Young Athletes’ Time

youth football

Earlier this week I was asked to consult with a local youth football organization.


Ordinarily, these types of consulting services include me conducting conference call educational seminars with as many as 30 – 40 coaches at one time.


I present on the topics that they have requested as they listen and follow along with a Power Point presentation that I email to them prior to the call starting.


At the end of my presentation, we all enjoy a round-table discussion in which they are free to ask me anything they want in reference to how my ‘Grasso Methodologies’ can fit specifically into their league and respective practice schedules.


If I dare say so myself, it’s a great service.