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Fitness for Kids: Pirates and 6-9-Year-Olds

I have referenced the “pirate game” several times in the past in the context of utilizing a fun game to provide several aspects of fitness to young athletes 6-9 years old. As a backdrop, we must remember that our programming for this age group must be rooted in body awareness/movement exploration, coordination, object manipulation, and game play/cooperation. By extension, when programming for young athletes, you need to approach things from a systemic standpoint while maximizing neural or bio-motor development.


Speed Training for Youth


Body Awareness


Movement Exploration


Technical Layering (aka Letter Tracing: A – D)


Does your Speed Training for Youth 6 – 9 year old kids’ look or sound like that?


Is there such a thing as ‘Speed Training’ for this age group?


Watch this video and see…