Now Available: IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course


Over the past 3 years with the IYCA, I’ve spent a lot of time considering this subject.


Are Kettlebells safe for young athletes?


Are they just a fad that our industry is embracing right now?


Are the reputed performance gains you get from using Kettlebells real?


I considered it all.


And then I asked the 2 people I trust more than anyone else in the world with respect to this topic:


Owners of the incredibly popular, Kettlebell Athletics.


I asked them questions.


I asked them to prove it.


I asked them to show me.


I asked me to demonstrate on young athletes.


And they did.


All of it.


I became such a firm believer in Kettlebell Training for Young Athletes…


… I did something I really never thought I’d ever do.


I asked them to create a course specific to Kettlebells for Youth.


And they did.


I am MORE than proud to present…



The Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course


Brought to you in partnership from the IYCA and Kettlebell Athletics.


Go have a look at what we’ve put together for you…


…. You’re about to become as excited as I am:


–> https://iyca.org/kettlebell/


I chose Pamela and Jason to create this course for 3 basic reasons:


1) They Teach You How to Manipulate Leverage & Mechanics


Which means their philosophy lines up with the IYCA. 


They are about to show you WHY as well as HOW… Indispensable information every Coach needs when it comes to Kettlebell Training


2) They Teach You How to Coach and Cue


Again… A match with the IYCA.


The Art of Coaching is a critical aspect to working with young athletes.  Pamela and Jason have created an INCREDIBLE

educational course that instructs you on much more than just sets and reps.


3) They Teach You Their System for Programming


It’s not about just doing Kettlebell exercises without context.




… And that’s what leads to optimal results for your young athletes.


Do not delay… Click on the link below and see exactly how powerful this brand-new ‘Youth Kettlebell Course’ is:


—> Click Here to Save $50 on the IYCA Kettlebell Instructor Course



Take care!


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