Complete Athlete Development For Coordination

Complete Athlete Development Video Clip



The above video clip is from the ‘Coordination Development’ DVD in my
Complete Athlete Development system.


Complete Athlete Development is literally changed the lives and careers
of countless Trainers and Coaches worldwide due to it cutting and
revealing look at how to TRULY train and develop young athletes.


Head Football Coach, John Reese, has this to say about it –



“I received your Complete Athlete Development system a few weeks
ago and have to say that so far am loving it. I have only just thumbed
through the exercises, but the other material is mind blowing to me….
I am happy I purchased the program because now I have the knowledge
to put better athletes on the field”



John’s comments are similar to hundreds of other emails and letters I’ve
received over the past few years about experiences Trainers and Coaches
have had with Complete Athlete Development.


Soon to come off the market for good, your chance to own this groundbreaking
collection and have it as a road map for training young athletes will soon be


4 Responses

  1. Donovan Owens says:

    Yes Sir. Complete Athlete Developement has the best information that you can find for training young athletes. I offen have my youth athletes begin our sessions with many variations of jump rope just because it requires lots of neurological response which translates to many different skills very quickly if taught at a young age. The best part is, kids love to jump rope. Another great post, Brian.

  2. andy sasimowicz says:

    I try to carry out this type of development but the frustrating thing is that not many understand what a young soccer player needs and why?For me the seeds which are sown early in life will ultimately benefit our young athletes wether they are gifted or just doing it for fun like they should be.Soccer in the UK is full of many trainers who fail to understand the fundementals of athletic development at a young age, where overall physical skills are are developed including speed, agility balance, running, jumping and overall body co ordination.Good point Brian.

  3. John says:

    Developing Athletics is a wonderful tool to have for any youth coach. I believe it has givin me such a wealth of knowledge that no matter what sport I coach, the athletes will be stronger faster and most importantly more injury resistant. Thanks Brian, Great Post.

  4. BrianGrasso says:

    Thank you all for your comments!

    Andy – Great point. This is why I endlessly preach that as a Coach and Youth Fitness Specialist, we MUST educate our parents through monthly information nights so the process of athletic development, the how’s and why’s can all be explained. Parents are influenced by the media and may not appreciate the need for a long, slow process – the only way to curb that is through consistent and proactive education on the matter.


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