A Rare Training Program for Young Athletes


‘Rare’ is another way of saying ‘scarcity’.




But scarcity also means a ‘shortage of supply’.


And while I can absolutely assure you that there are no shortages in the supply of ‘Complete Athlete Development’ systems available, I can also positively promise that its rareness is something you simply must consider.


There are some books on Speed & Agility Training that contain fantastic information and practical steps for you to follow.


You can find DVD’s and video products that show you how to incorporate optimal Strength Training into the conditioning programs for your athletes.


And if you search hard (and long) enough, you’ll likely come across some resources that help you understand how to build maximal Coordination and Movement Skill into your youth participants, also.


But all of that (and then some) in one complete system?


As rare and uncommon as it gets.


I spent 13 years (and a lot of cash) buying books, DVD’s, scientific journals and traveling the world to work with and learn from some of the greatest minds in the field of Youth Sports Training & Development.


Along the way, I asked questions, took notes and paid close attention to what I saw.


Then, I created a system for training and developing young athletes through a progressive system that was ideal for any aged athlete in any sport.


But the ‘uncommon’ nature of how ‘Complete Athlete Development’ was created didn’t stop there.


I applied the system (on more than 20,000 young athletes worldwide).


I created skill-based games for 6 – 9 year olds in small gymnasiums throughout North America.


I established speed and agility protocols with large groups of elite teenage athletes in state-wide performance camps.


I generated warm-up and strength training procedures for 10 – 18 year old athletes when all I had to work with was a small banquet hall in hotels throughout Europe.


I even built an entire high school training system for optimal success in spite of having 90+ football and baseball players crowded into a 1,300 square foot weight room – and not nearly enough equipment.


And along the way, I made revisions.


Changed parts of the system once I realized I had found a better way.


And THAT is the true rarity you get with ‘Complete Athlete Development’.


13 years of me learning, creating, applying, re-creating and making perfect.


An uncommon assurance of ‘success’.


A $99 investment for a rare resource that can be downloaded instantly (without you having to wait for shipping).


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Rare stamps are worth a bundle.


Rare coins, a literal fortune.


A ‘done-for-you’ resource that has been built on 13 years of international experience and fine tuning?


Absolutely priceless.


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Complete AThlete Development



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