The Youth Speed Training System


Youth Speed Training

How much would you pay for a blueprint youth training system that included:


  1. 5 Hours of Video Instruction
  2. 2.5 Hours of Audio Education
  3. 30+ Sample Programs

Now, how much would you pay when you found out it was created by some of the very best Youth Speed Training Coaches in the world:


  1. Robert Dos Remedios
  2. Sue Falsone
  3. Dave Gleason
  4. Dr. Toby Brooks
  5. Mike Robertson








What if I told you that the entire ‘Youth Speed Training‘ system, complete with information from each and every one of the contributors above could be in your hands immediately (no shipping delay)…


… For $19.95?


Immediate access and a ‘50% Off’ discount for acting quickly…


Click Here for all the details —> http://www.iyca.org/speed-training/




5 Responses

  1. shufflejog says:


    How much is the shipping for the Youth Speed Training shipping to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?


  2. admin says:

    The Youth Speed Training program is entirely digital, so there is no shipping fee.

  3. Just wanted to say this is a great value for what you get, and I liked the instant access to the video’s and audio interviews. Watched every video except for the last one, and heard all the audio’s on my MP3 during my work day. Well done, and nice job and a great overall package!

  4. Richie whall says:

    Just want to echo Ricks comments above, great value, instant access and highly applicable. Just what all coaches/teachers who work with young (and sometimes older!)athletes need.

    Keep up the great work

  5. […] acceleration skills from different angles is the most important place to start with an effective Youth Speed Training […]

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