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IYCA International Summit

How can you begin to know what it feels like to attend the Super Bowl unless you’ve actually been there?


The World Cup of Soccer?


A concert or ballet that inspires you to create a bigger life for yourself and moves you beyond what words could express


Sometimes, you just have to experience it for yourself.


Yes, the IYCA International Summit will give you the very best, most cutting edge and world-class training information imaginable.


Yes, the IYCA International Summit will give you the most current, success-proven and guaranteed business information possible.


The speakers we have booked are the best in the world at what they do.


The education we’re going to offer will positively change your career.


But maybe bigger than that is the inspirational lift you will get from attending this once-a-year event.


You will become resolved in your decision to make a better livelihood.


And be given the tools for how to do it.


You will become convicted in creating the life you always wanted.


And be offered the steps for how that’s done.


You will become inspired to change the world.


And be handed an opportunity to do just that.


Only 400 of the best, most dedicated and success-driven Fitness Professionals will be admitted.


Last year, they came from










South Korea


And throughout the United States


And they will again this coming year.


February 11 – 14, 2010.


Mark the date and act quickly.


Consider this your exclusive invitation.


Only 5,000 people are receiving it.


Tomorrow, more than 100,000 will.


And if you don’t think 400 spots will fill up by the end of this week…


Click below to read what the 2010 IYCA International Summit has in store for you and to reserve your seat right now –




"The IYCA Summit was the best experience of my life to date"


So said Ross Aubrey after last years event.


Hey Ross…


Get ready for something even bigger.

Here’s your link one more time




– Brian



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