2011 IYCA Summit Registration is Now Open


Here’s some stuff I really want you to consider…


Eric Cressey may be the very best Strength Coach in the world.


Mike Robertson is considered one of the most on-demand speakers in our industry.


Latif Thomas is one of the very best Speed Coaches you’ll find anywhere around the globe.


Carlo Alvarez is a former World Champion Baseball Coach and past National Champion Coach at the high school level.


Sue Falsone was the only female professional ever to be a team Physical Therapist in Major League Baseball.


Pat Rigsby is considered the #1 go-to expert for all things related to sales, marketing and successful business development in the Fitness & Sport Training world.


And every single one of them will be speaking at the 2011 IYCA International Summit.


The kind of event, the type of speakers and the amount of knowledge gained that can (and WILL) change everything about your career and life.


But just in case you aren’t ‘sold’ yet…


Or are debating if the expense is ‘worth it’…


And deciding whether or not time away from work is ‘a good idea’…


How about I sweeten the pot?


With an ironclad, 100% guarantee –


Within 30-days of the Summit ending, if you were not 100% satisfied with the event, I’ll give you your registration fees back.


A complete refund with no questions asked.


Combine, for just one second, all those names at the top of this email with the fact that this is a ‘No-Risk’ opportunity for you.


There’s just no way Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Latif Thomas, Carlo Alvarez, Sue Falsone, Pat Rigsby (among many others) WON’T deliver…


… But just in case they don’t, your registration fee is protected by a full Money-Back-Promise.


Click Below Right Now & Secure Your 100% Ironclad Money-Back-Guarantee:




A can’t miss opportunity to change your life that’s risk-free?


Click Here Right Now —> https://iyca.org/summit/


– Brian



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