Youth Training: My Top 5 (Part 3)


Youth Training Tip # 3

Another ‘no-brainer’ reason you need to hear about.


For fun, I call this our “shake the hands and kiss the babies” policy!


In truth, it’s one of the factors that separates the IYCA Summit from every other conference out there.


The Personal Touch.


Our Speakers are contracted, not just to present, but to be available all weekend long in order to answer YOUR questions.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to ask Eric Cressey something about Mobility.


Perhaps Mike Robertson has the key you’ve been looking for with respect to Youth Training and Strength Training.


Sue Falsone and Injury Prevention.


Latif Thomas for Speed Development.


The point is simple…


The 60-minute presentations you’ll be hearing won’t be your only exposure to these incredible professionals.


They’ll be there. All weekend. For you.


From a business perspective, the networking possibilities are endless.


From a training perspective, I can promise you that you will NEVER get this much exposure to so many of world-class Coaches in one place, at one time.


It’s been said many times, that the best and most useful information you can possibly receive while at conferences is during the ‘informal times’.


When folks are just milling around the hallways.


Chatting about the ‘x’ and ‘o’ realities of youth training.


At the 2011 IYCA Summit, you not only get to have those moments, we absolutely guarantee to make them available for you.


Private time with the world’s best Coaches… Worth the price of admission all by itself…


Just Click Here for More Information: https://iyca.org/summit/



– Brian

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