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Youth Sports Training with Weights

At what age should a young person begin lifting weights or using Kettlebells?


The question I get asked more than any other.


Here’s my brief thought on the matter (taken right from the curriculum found in the IYCA’s Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 Certification material)


Simply stated, around the age of 9 or 10.


Within the ‘Guided Discovery’ phase of training (6 – 9 years) the goals are quite simple:


(1) Movement (in the form of multi-directional game play)

(2) Outcome-Based Coaching (not critiquing form, but rather supportive of effort)

(3) Experiential Learning


#3 is critical.


Kids need to learn-by-doing.


Experimenting with movement and implement dynamics.


In the absence of over-coaching or instruction, children in this age bracket will develop a vast and hearty warehouse of neural knowledge that can and will be translated into more specific, advanced forms of athletic ability in time.


The second phase of the IYCA’s long-term development model is called ‘Learning Exploration’.


In this section of our system (ages 10 – 13) we still maintain a very open, experiential-style of learning-through-doing, but add an element of complexity by beginning the process of dedicated instruction of both

Lifting and Movement.


It is within this phase that we must begin the process of external loading:


(1) Using Low Volume, Low Load

(2) Incorporating Both Free-Play as Well as Critical Instruction

(3) Involving Skill Sets or Other ‘Like’ Habitual Lessons


In terms of Kettlebells, Pamela MacElree and Jason C. Brown did a fantastic job of teaching the concept of how to incorporate this form of training into a young athletes life.


I’ve prepared a full 60-minute web-based presentation for you to enjoy on this topic.


Absolutely no charge whatsoever…

Just click on the link below and understand how best to incorporate Kettlebells into the youth sports training programs of young athletes:




– Brian


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