Youth Sports Conditioning Tip of the Week

Ever thought about “sub-specializing”?

Youth Sports Conditioning Niche

That’s when you narrow down your scope from being a ‘specialist’ in one specific demographic to a ‘specialist’ in one specific portion of that demographic.


Rather than being a specialist in Youth Fitness or Youth Sports Conditioning Training, you become a specialist in Youth Soccer Conditioning, for example.


At first, it may seem scary to isolate yourself this far down into a market niche, but I assure you that the pay-off can actually be tremendous.


I started thinking about this last night.

I was watching ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ – one of my favorite TV shows.


World-class chef, Gordon Ramsey, was helping a soon- to-be bankrupt Italian restaurant regain there past success by having them focus on becoming the very best ‘gourmet pizza’ eatery in their respective region.


To be honest, he removed almost everything else from the menu.


Customers’ only option was one of a few pizza creations that this restaurant was intent on making perfect.


Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?


You want your customers to have options.


Lots of options so that you can appeal to the widest possible group or demographic.


But the point is that if you become known as a specific specialist in one area – the very best, in fact – than you automatically become the ONLY option for the people in that demographic.


Whenever someone wants or craves THE BEST pizza possible, they know exactly where they’re going and who they’re getting it from.


When one of there friends wants some pizza, they automatically tell them about your restaurant, because after all….. Your the only game in town when it comes to quality pizza!


Sub-specializing within a niche has tremendous upsides and something you should seriously consider.


Kim McCullough did.


This brilliant IYCA Member has become the foremost expert in the world on Women’s Hockey.


Her career and revenue has exploded because of it.


And at my International Summit later this month, she’s going to tell you exactly how she niched in

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