Youth Speed Training




Youth Speed Training the IYCA way







Even fax……


These are the means by which literally hundreds of Coaches, Fitness Professionals
and Personal Trainers from all over the world have contacted me since Friday
when I announced our exclusive Certification Weekend on July 18 – 19.


Speed & Agility Specialist – Level 1


Youth Nutrition Specialist


Never before have you been given the opportunity to obtain two cutting-edge
credentials for the price of one.


Especially not ones that have been created and will be taught by such esteemed
and world-famous Coaches:


Lee Taft.

The guru of speed and Youth Speed Training.

The greatest speed and agility coach on the planet today.


Dr. Chris Mohr.

Co-author of a book with LL Cool J.

Guest on the Montel Williams Show.

Consultant to UnderArmor.



It just doesn’t get any better than these two professionals.


Success comes to those who act quickly.


Tomorrow, I will be sending you an email that will give you the exclusive
instructions on how to guarantee your spot as one of the first 50 Youth Speed Training specialist in the world.


Two world-class professionals.


Two educational opportunities and priceless credentials.


One price.


Be first.




And wait until you see just what that ‘price’ is.


If you’re already smart enough to see how incredible this event is, just wait to
see how much I’m saving you in cold hard cash!


Watch out for my email tomorrow……



– Brian



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