Youth Fitness Specialist Can be the Change

Youth Fitness Specialist. Why Is it So Neededd?

“You are truly a visionary and a catalyst for precisely the change we need. In watching
the presidential debate last night and the discussion about healthcare reform, I couldn’t

help but think how very little most Americans “get” the true societal cost savings of

upstream preventative healthcare so easily afforded by quality physical education.


We need more Brian Grasso’s banging the drum for the sake of our children…

I’m voting Brian for Secretary of Activity in the new White House cabinet!!”



That was a message posted on the IYCA Members discussion

board by Dr. Toby Brooks.


And while I certainly appreciate the kind words and praise

directed at me, Dr. Brooks’ message is clear and very



We need an army. Youth Fitness Specialist


We need more professionals willing to step up and create

a change.


Become youth fitness specialist and  agents for change.


We need to take the plight facing our youngest generation

seriously and understand that failure to act will lead to

societal imbalance, illness and tremendous financial



We need to understand that the expenditure of a truly

insignificant amount of money can set a Fitness Professional

up with a progressive organization that will equip them with

every training and business tool necessary to both create

change and earn a substantial living.


Forge a new, exciting and fulfilling career.


Over the past few weeks, I have presented seminars in New

York, was invited to speak at the World Golf Fitness

Summit and asked to travel to South Korea in order to launch

the IYCA through an Asian market.


Our growth is extreme and our reach into the fitness

world absolutely unprecedented.


It feels good being an agent for change.


It feels satisfying to be on the front lines of a portion

of the industry that is virtually untapped.


I want you to know what that feels like also.


We have the Presidential election coming up here in the

U.S. in two weeks.


Americans are going to have to make a choice and declare a



Their decision is going to either lead to prosperity or

spiral us down farther into a dark economic hole.


It’s always easiest to ‘bet’ on a sure thing.


The thing that you know you will be satisfied with.


Will lead to growth and gain for yourself.


In terms of the fitness industry, the IYCA is that ‘thing’.


Have a look at this special link and let me know what you

think –




Making decisions don’t have to be that hard.



‘Till next time,



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