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Youth Fitness Industry

So tomorrow I’m off to Providence Rhode Island.


For three years now, I’ve been honored to have a place on the
esteemed ‘Speakers Panel’ for Perform Better.


In my mind, one of the preeminent organizations in our youth fitness industry,
it has been a sincere pleasure to share the stage with such
industry icons as Juan Carlos Santana, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook,
Alwyn Cosgrove and Al Vermeil.


But something is very different about this years Perform Better


I’m still speaking at all the events.


Rhode Island this month.


Chicago next.


Long Beach in July.


But this year, I’m traveling to each of those locations one day
early in order to present a private Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist
certification to attendees.


Perform Better decided a few months ago that the IYCA and its
message to the youth fitness industry, is worth that much.


They decided to give me (and through me, you) a center-stage
appearance to showcase our now ‘on-demand’ certification.


We really have made it, haven’t we?


From an idea I had 6 years ago to this.


This year sure has been a whirlwind.


Perform Better.




Athletic Revolution franchise.


Our first International Summit.


I really dizzy most days in complete appreciation for what we have
done together.


Even with 1,000+ Members worldwide and growing steadily, we remain
a reasonably small group of people.


An international family determined and undaunted by anything.


That’s why I always say this –


Never doubt that a small band of dedicated people can change the
world. Know why???


Because that’s all that ever has.


If you’re part of our family, thank you.




And take pride.


You really ARE making a difference to the youth fitness industry











It’s my honor to carry the banner of the IYCA on your behalf.




And if you’re not currently part of our family, I would like you
to seriously consider joining us.


Become an agent for change with us and learn what it’s like to
truly and deeply have pride in an organization you belong to.


Thank you again.





– Brian


Become an agent for change and experience pride like you never
have before – Click here now


4 Responses

  1. Dave Jack says:

    The anatomy of a vision being realized…what a journey BG! Keep at it my friend!

  2. Liz Donnelly says:

    Daily I grow in appreciation for what you’ve started, Brian. Congratulations on causing a ripple effect!

  3. Dale Speckman says:

    I am truly proud to talk about the IYCA to anyone willing to listen and what it stands for. My clients take confort in the fact that their kids are being taught in a manner that has their son and/or daughter in their best interest. I am learning every day and LOVE that I have decided to jump head first into teaching and coaching kids, and the IYCA gave me the knowledge and confidence to do just that! As always thank you Brian!!!

  4. BJ Gaddour says:

    congrats dude!

    it’s really an inspiring thing to see what has become of the IYCA in such a short time and truly no organization deserves the success more than you guys 😉

    crank it!


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