Youth Development with Brett Klika- The Impact Show Ep. 34

youth development brett klikaRecently, we posted a couple of great articles on youth development from Brett Klika on the IYCA blog, and we’re excited to have an entire podcast with him on The Impact Show.

Brett is a leading authority on youth development and how coaches can assist in this maturation process.  He worked for world-renowned trainer Todd Durkin for several years, heading up his youth development program.  Eventually, Brett co-created a program called SPIDERfit Kids that teaches coaches, trainers and educators the intricacies of helping young people become more physically literate.

Brett breaks this process down into 9 distinct segments:

Body Awareness:  Understanding the parts of the body and various ways they can move.

Directional Awareness: The ability to understand the directions of the body (right, left, up, down, etc.) and to be able to move in all planes of motion.

Spatial Awareness:  A concept of how much space the body occupies in relation to the surrounding environment.

Temporal Awareness:  The sense of timing, rhythm, and precision.

Vestibular Awareness:  An internal sense of the head and body’s position in relation to gravity.

Proprioceptive Awareness: The ability to interpret the internal sense of where the body and specific joints are in space and in relation to each other, and how much force/velocity they are exerting.

Tactile Awareness: The ability to appropriately respond to touch, in addition to differentiation of objects by size, texture, and shape.

Visual Awareness:  The ability to visually focus, track, and take in broad fields of view.

Auditory Awareness: The ability to accurately interpret and respond to sound.

Because you already understand the importance of high-quality coaches working with young kids, I think you’re going to love listening to Brett Klika on this episode of The Impact Show.  He will inspire you give kids your best and he will arm you with the tools needed to serve them.

In additional to great IYCA courses like our Youth Fitness Specialist program, you may also want to check out the awesome program SPIDERfit Kids that Brett Klika created for coaches and trainers.  This incredibly-thorough youth development program walks you step-by-step, how to create and organize developmentally-appropriate programs for young kids.  I highly recommend you check it out by clicking on the IYCA affiliate-linked logo below.

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