Your Passion is Revealing

In particular order, here’s what I’m doing with
myself in 2009 –


1) Go 6 – 0 as a Boxer


I’ve competed in martial arts since I was a kid,
but haven’t boxed since I was a teenager.


I decided in late 2008 to find myself a boxing
coach and train hard.


My first fight is scheduled for February and I
will have my promoter book me for 5 more
over the course of this year.


6 – 0 is lofty…. But I intend to do it!



2) Buy a Harley Davidson


Always been a bit of a wild child.


This goal kind of speaks for itself in that


I love motorcycles and have always been
in awe of Harley’s.


This year I’m going to buy my own and
spend a lot of weekends this summer
on the road!


3) Publish a Poetry Book


I’ve been writing poetry since I was a child.


It’s always been a passion and a way for me
to decompress at the end of each day.


A few weeks back, I entered one of my
poems in an international poetry challenge.


Just found out that it was named as a
finalist – top 5 poems worldwide in a compeition
that received more than 10,000 entries.


Not bad!



4) Sky Dive


See the first sentence in #2…


These personal goals are fun.


They keep my life spicey and provide a much
needed break from work.


I don’t like to just ‘veg’ in front of a TV (don’t
own one in fact) and would much rather fill
my down time with inspirational and goal
oriented things to do that keep my sharp
and excited.


So now it’s your turn.


I want you to tell me what your Top 3 PERSONAL
goals are for 2009.


And if you’re struggling to think of them, maybe
it’s time you take stock of your life and see
where your passions are…


… Or where they should be…


Give me your Top 3 below…



– Brian

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  1. Aaron Swenson says:

    I dont think 6-0 is loftly brian. I think it is very realistic. How do i get that golden ticket??

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