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Youth Speed Camps success

So you know that the first annual IYCA International Summit was an
absolute monumental success.


You’ve read the comments from our attendees and seen a few video
clips from some of the presenters.


But there’s something I haven’t told you yet.


Technically, the Summit was a 2-day event.


Groundbreaking information from some of the most incredible and
successful Coaches and business moguls in this industry spread
out over an amazing 2-days.


There was however, a third day to the Summit.


One extra day of information.


And only a handful of Summit attendees got a chance to be live and
experience this in person.


On Day 3, I gave a 3-hour presentation on two topics that are near
and dear to me…


1) The Real Secrets of Speed Training


2) How to Run Effective & Profitable Speed Camps



I won’t be shy about telling you how I’ve developed a
knack for understanding how to host speed and athletic camps that
are effective and allow each of my participants to become better


But I also won’t be shy about telling you that I have developed a killer,
can’t miss system for how to make them more profitable than you could
possibly imagine.


And on ‘Day 3’ at the Summit, I revealed it all.

Youth Speed Camps


:: The secret training strategy for on-field speed and agility gains

:: How to prevent more injuries in young athletes

:: My personal system for teaching speed

:: How to ‘layer’ agility skill

:: A step-by-step process for attracting HUNDREDS of young athletes

:: How to become a media darling and get ‘press’ all the time

:: My 3-step system for filling your facility with clients


I talked about it all.


Left nothing on the table and certainly hid nothing from you.


These strategies are how and why I can open a facility with zero clients
and by Day 90 have it full with 200+ young athletes.


And you will get access to it all.


When I release the Summit DVD’s you will get this mysterious ‘Day 3’
presentation for absolutely no extra charge.


It’s yours for free.


And it WILL change everything about your speed training programs, your
ability to host effective and profitable speed camps and most certainly
will improve your ability to run a successful youth training business.


Be sure to watch for my announcement.


My ‘Day 3’ seminar is worth the price alone……


Keep checking that email.


– Brian



P.S. – Ever been to a conference that left you dizzy with the amount of
information you learned? Wouldn’t it be great if each of the presenters
created a ‘Do This’ list that told you exactly how to implement their
information the very second you got back to your training center?


Well, each of the Summit presenters did just that!


A road map that shows you EXACTLY what to do.


No confusion, no overwhelming thoughts and no uncertainty. A perfect
‘Just Do This’ Youth Speed Camps manual.


And by the way….. I’ll give it to you for free as well with your Summit


Getting anxious for my announcement yet?



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