Young Athlete Resistance Band Games

Making Training Fun with Young Athlete Resistance Band Games

Dave Schmitz is an expert in resistance band training.
By Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz

Making training fun is one of the challenges of working with young athletes. Adding resistance band games to your training is a great way to keep young athletes engaged and wanting more.

If you really want your young athletes to enjoy resistance band training, start making the training game-oriented. However, before you attempt these types of drills, you must teach them and allow them to master the basic drills first.

My goal with any young athlete resistance band games is to get them to train instinctively because when they reach that level, they are as close to game situations as you possibly can be. The other reason I like to reach a level of reflexive training is because training becomes fun for several reasons.

  1. Training now becomes competitive, and I have yet to meet a good athlete who does not like to compete
  2. It takes away the idea of training being work, and makes it more of a game. Kids as well as adults love games.
  3. It eliminates the conscious component of training and allows the body to do what it does best: become reactive.

I thought you would enjoy watching 2 very special young athletes resistance band training and have some fun competing while training in bands. Pay special attention to the laughing that comes along with this type of training. To this day, Kenzie and Carter Schmitz (yep these 2 are mine—thank God) still talk about this experience and when they will be able to do it again.

Wouldn’t you enjoy training with your kids every now and then?

I hope you enjoy just another way the Quick Kids Program will help make your young athlete better training in bands.

Getting Better with Bands

Dave Schmitz

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